Commit f806094a authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Suppress the output of ntfsinfo

There is no need to log it. We only want to check if the file system
is clean.
parent 8f826b34
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ elif [[ "$ptype" == "ntfs" ]]; then
[ "$SNF_IMAGE_PROPERTY_OSFAMILY" != "windows" ]); then
# Be extra safe: Refuse to work on Image with a dirty NTFS
if ! $NTFSINFO -m "$device"; then
if ! $NTFSINFO -m "$device" &>/dev/null; then
log_error "NTFS is dirty, refusing to continue"
$NTFSRESIZE -P -f "$device"
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ elif [ "$fs" = ntfs ]; then
# Be extra safe: Warn when attempting to work on a dirty NTFS.
# In the future, it would be best to reject the Image outright.
if ! $NTFSINFO -m "$rootdev"; then
if ! $NTFSINFO -m "$rootdev" &>/dev/null; then
warn "Failed to get NTFS info, fs may be dirty (scheduled for CHKDSK)."
warn "Please fix your Image. Future versions will refuse to continue."
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