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Fix a small error in an img_id example in the docs

The pithosmap URI needs an image size in the end
parent 9787f9c2
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ to be used. If no prefix is used, it defaults to the local back-end:
| For example, if we want to deploy using a full Pithos URI:
| ``img_id=pithos://<user-uuid>/<container>/<slackware-image>``
| or if we already know the map:
| ``img_id=pithosmap://<slackware-image-map-name>``
| ``img_id=pithosmap://<slackware-image-map-name>/<size>``
* **Null back-end**:
To select the Null back-end and skip the fetching and extraction step, we set
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