Commit a7a7b869 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Update ChangeLog and for ver. 0.7

parent ab106eec
2012-12-03, v0.6.5
* Make snf-image-helper the init process of the system
* Shutdown the helper image fast using the apropriate SysRq key
* Use eatmydata to omit the syncs performed by resize2fs when
resizing a file system. You can supress this behaviour by defining
the DO_SYNC image property.
2012-11-20, v0.6.5
* Fix a bug in AssignHostname configuration task where the script did
not search for the presence of the Unattend.xml file in the VM, in
AC_INIT(snf-image-helper, 0.6.5,
AC_INIT(snf-image-helper, 0.7,
2012-12-03, v0.7
* Abandon debootstrap in favor of multistrap. This way we can define
more than 1 repositories to retrieve packages from.
* Add a mechanism for pinning repositories and package versions
* Add a version check in snf-image-update-helper. After the creation
of the helper, check if the versions of snf-image-{host,helper} match
* Remove the HELPER_PKG variable from The helper package by
default should get downloaded from a repo using
snf-image-update-helper. You can still install a package from the
local file system using the -p variable.
* Specify snf-image-helper as the init process when running the helper
2012-11-20, v0.6.5
2012-11-15, v0.6.4
AC_INIT(snf-image, 0.6.5,
AC_INIT(snf-image, 0.7,
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