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docs: State that all image properties are optional

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......@@ -100,19 +100,18 @@ Image Properties (img_properties)
*snf-image* may use a number of properties to properly configure the image.
Those image properties are passed to *snf-image* by Ganeti through the
**img_poroperties** OS parameter (see Ganeti OS Interface). The name of all
image properties is case-insensitive. For the *diskdump* format some properties
are mandatory. For *{ext,ntfs}dump* formats all image properties are optional.
image properties is case-insensitive. All image properties are optional.
We can group image properties in two categories:
1. Generic properties (*OSFAMILY*, *ROOT_PARTITION*, *USERS*)
1. Generic properties (*OSFAMILY*, *ROOT_PARTITION*, *USERS*, etc.)
2. Configuration tasks to run (*EXCLUDE_ALL_TASKS*, *EXCLUDE_TASK_<task_name>*)
(see here for :ref:`valid configuration tasks <image-configuration-tasks>`)
A list of all properties follows:
Mandatory properties (for diskdump only)
Diskdump only properties
* **OSFAMILY=linux|windows|freebsd|netbsd|openbsd**
This specifies whether the image is a Linux, a Windows or a \*BSD Image.
......@@ -122,13 +121,12 @@ Mandatory properties (for diskdump only)
earlier, for now, only primary partitions are supported. This property is
trivial for *{ext,ntfs}dump* formats (they only host one partition).
.. note:: On a diskdump image if no image property is defined, the deployment
will not fail. This situation is treated as a special case. All
configuration tasks will be prevented from running and the helper VM will
report SUCCESS after creating a warning about this.
.. note:: Those properties are necessary for the image deployment to work. If
any of those properties is missing, *snf-image* will try to auto-detect it's
value. The deployment will fail if the auto-detection fails.
Optional properties
All image formats properties
* **USERS="username1 username2...."**
This is a space-separated list of users, whose password will be reset by
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