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Update the ChangeLog for 0.19rc1

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2016-01-19, v0.19rc1
* Support Windows XP/2003 (windows-legacy OSFAMILY)
* Support 32-bit versions of Windows
* Add new os_product_key and os_answer_file OS parameters
* Allow offline resizing for NTFS
* Cleanup the default Unattend.xml file
* Allow defining the Windows time zone in the default Unattend.xml file
* Add new image configuration task that executes user defined code
* Allow the image itself to overwrite configuration tasks that run
during deployment when the image is mounted
* Support Ed24419 ssh keys
* Support making swap in secondary disk
* Strip down the helper kernel (reduces helper image size)
* Support Debian Jessie helpers
* Fix bugs and cleanup the code
* Update the documentation
2015-03-13, v0.18.1
* HELPER: Fix a bug in ConfigureNetwork task that caused a syntax error
if the SUBNET was missing for a NIC
2015-03-03, v0.18
* HELPER: Auto-detect OSFAMILY and ROOT_PARTITION properties if missing
* HELPER: Add new CofigureNetwork image configuration task
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