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docs: Update the docs to reflect current progress

* Add links for downloading NetBSD and OpenBSD images
* Remove the reference to the partition extending limitation for OpenBSD
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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Known Issues
* For Linux systems, having grub installed in the partition is fragile and
things can go wrong when resizing the partitions, especially when shrinking.
things can go wrong if you shrink the partition.
* More complicated partition schemes are not supported.
diskdump image format (recommended)
......@@ -44,18 +44,24 @@ This design decision has the following benefits:
* Swap partitions are supported
* The system may use multiple partitions:
* dedicated partitions for /boot, /home etc in Linux
* system and boot partition in Windows
* Dedicated partitions for /boot, /home etc. in Linux
* Separate system and boot partition in Windows
* There are no restrictions on starting sectors of partitions
Although diskdump is a lot more flexible than the older formats, there are
still some rules to follow:
* All devices in fstab should be specified by persistent names (UUID or LABEL)
* LVMs are not supported
* For Linux disks only ext{2,3,4} file systems are supported
* For FreeBSD disks only UFS file systems are supported
* For FreeBSD only GUID Partition Tables (GPT) are supported
* For Linux:
* All block devices in */etc/fstab* should be specified using persistent
names (UUID or LABEL)
* LVM partitions are not supported
* Only ext{2,3,4} file systems are supported
* For FreeBSD:
* GUID Partition Tables (GPT) should be used
* Only UFS2 file systems are supported
* Labels should be omitted in */etc/fstab* entries
* For {Open,Net}BSD:
* Only FFS file systems should be used
Progress Monitoring Interface
......@@ -67,7 +73,7 @@ the *PROGRESS_MONITOR* variable under ``/etc/default/snf-image`` and
program. In this section we will describe the format and the fields of the
progress messages.
The progress messages are json strings with standardized fields. All messages
The progress messages are JSON strings with standardized fields. All messages
have a **type** field whose value is a string and a **timestamp** field whose
value is a floating point number referring to a time encoded as the number of
seconds elapsed since the epoch. The rest of the field depend on the specific
......@@ -138,7 +144,7 @@ warning
This messages are produced to display a warning. The actual warning message
itself is present in the *messages* field:
``{"subtype": "warning", "type": "image-helper", "messages": [" No swap partition defined"], "timestamp": 1379075807.71704}``
``{"subtype": "warning", "type": "image-helper", "messages": ["No swap partition defined"], "timestamp": 1379075807.71704}``
......@@ -19,16 +19,15 @@ snf-image supports `KVM <>`_ and
snf-image also supports Image customization via hooks. Hooks allow for:
* changing the password of root or arbitrary users
* injecting files at arbitrary locations inside the filesystem, e.g., SSH keys
* Changing the password of root or arbitrary users
* Injecting files into the file system, e.g., SSH keys
* setting a custom hostname
* re-creating SSH host keys to ensure the image uses unique keys
snf-image is being used in large scale production environments with Ganeti to
successfully deploy many major Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu/Kubuntu,
CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE), Windows 2008 R2 & Windows Server 2012, as well as
FreeBSD. Support for OpenBSD and NetBSD is also included with exception to
extending partitions.
CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, Arch Linux), Windows Server flavors
(2008 R2, 2012, 20012 R2), as well as BSD systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD).
The snf-image Ganeti OS Definition is released under
`GPLv2 <>`_.
......@@ -59,6 +59,14 @@ that have been tested with snf-image and provided here for testing purposes:
[`diskdump <>`_]
[`md5sum <>`_]
[`metadata <>`_]
* OpenBSD 5.4
[`diskdump <>`_]
[`md5sum <>`_]
[`metadata <>`_]
* NetBSD 6.1
[`diskdump <>`_]
[`md5sum <>`_]
[`metadata <>`_]
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