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Document boolean properties

Document the way boolean properties are treated (via
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......@@ -159,13 +159,13 @@ All image formats properties
* For Windows images, the *Administrator*'s password is reset.
* For Linux and \*BSD images, the *root* password is reset.
* **DO_SYNC=yes**
* **DO_SYNC=bool**
By default in ResizeUnmounted task, when ``resize2fs`` is executed to
enlarge a ext[234] file system, ``fsync()`` is disabled to speed up the
whole process. If for some reason you need to disable this behavior, use the
*DO_SYNC* image property.
When deploying a Windows image, the InstallUnattend configuration task will
install an Answer File for Unattended Installation (the one shipped with
*snf-image* or the one pointed out by the *UNATTEND* configuration
......@@ -175,14 +175,14 @@ All image formats properties
exists in the above-mentioned location. For more information on "answer
files" please refer to :ref:`windows-deployment`.
If this property is defined with yes, then the presence of an executable
file under */root/snf-image/helper/overwrite_task_<TASK>* inside the image
will make *snf-image* execute the code hosted there instead of the default
one. See :ref:`Overwriting Configuration Tasks<overwriting-configuration-tasks>`
for more info.
When deploying a Windows Image, perform an offline NTFS resize, instead of
setting up the Unattend.xml file so SYSPREP executes a custom DISKPART
script to perform an online resize during the first boot. Note NTFS is left
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ All image formats properties
disable this behavior (this is dangerous). For more information on "answer
files" please refer to :ref:`windows-deployment`.
Set this property to yes to skip the NTFS check performed by Windows upon
the first boot when performing an offline NTFS resize (see the
*OFFLINE_NTFSRESIZE* property). Skipping the initial filesystem check is
......@@ -228,23 +228,23 @@ All image formats properties
you want to write a custom configuration task check
:ref:`Configuration Tasks Environment<configuration-tasks-environment>`.
If this property is defined with a yes value, the image will not be
configured at all, during the deployment. This is really handy because it
gives the ability to deploy images hosting operating systems whose
configuration is not supported by *snf-image*.
If this property is defined, then only the tasks that are meant to run
before the VM's disk gets mounted (namely *FixPartitionTable* and
*FilesystemResizeUmounted*) will be allowed to run during deployment.
* **EXCLUDE_FilesystemResize_TASKS=yes**
* **EXCLUDE_FilesystemResize_TASKS=bool**
If this property is defined with a yes value, the 3 filesystem resize tasks
(*FilesystemResizeUnmounted*, *FilesystemResizeMounted*,
*FilesystemResizeAfterUmount*) will be prevented from running.
* **EXCLUDE_TASK_<task_name>=yes**
* **EXCLUDE_TASK_<task_name>=bool**
This family of properties gives the ability to exclude individual
configuration tasks from running. Hence, if the property
*EXCLUDE_TASK_DeleteSSHKeys* with a value other than null is passed to
......@@ -257,6 +257,10 @@ All image formats properties
will probably end up with an unsuccessful deployment because B will fail and
exit in an abnormal way. You can read more about configuration tasks here.
.. note:: All boolean properties are treated as follows: yes is assumed to be
either yes, true, 1, on, and set while no is assumed to be no, false, 0, off,
and unset. An empty or not-set property is treated as false.
img_properties OS parameter
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