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docs: Add missing SWAP image property section

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......@@ -139,6 +139,18 @@ Optional properties
`here <>`_
for more info).
* **SWAP=<partition id>:<size>**
If this property is defined, *snf-image* will create a swap partition with
the specified size in MB. The *partition id* is the number that the linux
kernel will assign to this partition. For example, if you have a disk with
an msdos partition table on it and one primary partition, the image
property *SWAP=2:512* would instruct *snf-image* to create a 512MB long
primary partition for swap with id=2. On the other hand, if the SWAP
property had this form: *SWAP=5:512*, since primary partitions may have an
id from 1 to 4, *snf-image* would create a 512MB extended partition with
id=2 and a logical swap partition with id=5 in it with the same size. This
property only applies to Linux instances.
If this property is defined with a value other than null, then during the
deployment, the image will not be configured at all. This is really handy
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