Commit 0ac22d10 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Update ChangeLog and for version 0.6.1

parent bec9a804
2012-10-05, v0.6.1
* Supress a very noisy warning in 40DisableRemoteDesktopConnections
task created by reglookup. This is triggered only when reading
registry files from windows 2012 systems.
* User Coordinated Universal Time when logging.
2012-09-14, v0.6
* Make sure EnforcePersonality is the last task that runs before
UmountImage. Doing this ensures that user-enjected files never
AC_INIT(snf-image-helper, 0.6,
AC_INIT(snf-image-helper, 0.6.1,
2012-10-05, v0.6.1
* Use Coordinated Universal Time when logging.
* Fix a bug in the way snf-image-update-helper reads the links of the
kernel and the initrd in the helper VM.
* Use environmental variables instead of input options to pass sensitive
data to pithcat. This is needed because when pithcat is running, every
user can see the program's command line by using ps.
2012-09-15, v0.6
* Fix import and export scripts
* Add new config_url os parameter. This can be used by snf-image to
AC_INIT(snf-image, 0.6,
AC_INIT(snf-image, 0.6.1,
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