Commit 0468a748 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Make helper try to umount $target on errors

Since the mount and umount commands are tasks, if a task fails, the
filesystem may have been left mounted. For this case, I've created a
trap that tries to umount the filesystem
parent aac16418
......@@ -67,6 +67,10 @@ if [ -z "$RUN_PARTS" ]; then
log_error "run-parts programe is missing from the system"
# If something goes wrong with the tasks, try to umount the target filesystem
# in case it is left mounted...
trap '{ umount $target; }' ERR
echo "Execute all snf-image tasks...."
$RUN_PARTS -v --exit-on-error "@tasksdir@"
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