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    Move DisableRemoteDesktopConnections to prio 41 · 83cd6ea0
    Vangelis Koukis authored
    Move DisableRemoteDesktopConnections from priority 40
    to priority 41, ensuring it runs after 40InstalUnattend.in.
    This makes the dependency between the installed answer file and
    the DisableRemoteDesktopConnections task explicit:
    The task assumes that RDP connections will be re-enabled via
    an appropriate <RunSynchronousCommand> entry in the answer file,
    which must already exist.
    Making the dependency explicit, allows making the process more robust
    in the future: The DisableRemoteDesktopConnections task should not
    blindly assume that a potentially Image-specific unattend.xml file
    contains the specific <RunSynchronousCommand> entry it requires,
    but may insert it explicitly, since the answer file is bound to have
    been detected or installed via the the previously executed
    40InstallUnattend task.
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