Commit 9d40aac4 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Preserve the UUIDs and the Labels in host bundling

When bundling a host, make sure that the UUIDs and the Labels of the
original file systems are preserved.
parent 745d3324
......@@ -44,17 +44,52 @@ umount = get_command('umount')
blkid = get_command('blkid')
tune2fs = get_command('tune2fs')
MKFS_OPTS = {'ext2': ['-F'],
'ext3': ['-F'],
'ext4': ['-F'],
'reiserfs': ['-ff'],
'btrfs': [],
'minix': [],
'xfs': ['-f'],
'jfs': ['-f'],
'ntfs': ['-F'],
'msdos': [],
'vfat': []}
MKFS_OPTS = {'ext2': {'force': '-F', 'uuid': '-U', 'label': '-L'},
'ext3': {'force': '-F', 'uuid': '-U', 'label': '-L'},
'ext4': {'force': '-F', 'uuid': '-U', 'label': '-L'},
'reiserfs': {'force': '-ff', 'uuid': '-u', 'label': '-l'},
'btrfs': {'force': '-f', 'label': '-L'},
'minix': {},
'xfs': {'force': '-f', 'label': '-L'},
'jfs': {'force': '-f', 'label': '-L'},
'ntfs': {'force': '-F', 'label': '-L'},
'msdos': {'uuid': '-i'},
'vfat': {'uuid': '-i'}}
'ext2': lambda d, u: tune2fs('-U', u, d),
'ext3': lambda d, u: tune2fs('-U', u, d),
'ext4': lambda d, u: tune2fs('-U', u, d),
'reiserfs': lambda d, u: get_command('reiserfstune')('-u', u, d),
'xfs': lambda d, u: get_command('xfs_admin')('-U', u, d),
'jfs': lambda d, u: get_command('jfstune')('-U', u, d),
'ntfs': lambda d, u: get_command('ntfslable')('--new-serial=%s' % u, d)}
def mkfs(fs, device, uuid=None, label=None):
"""Create a filesystem on the device"""
mkfs = get_command('mkfs.%s' % fs)
args = []
if 'force' in MKFS_OPTS[fs]:
if label:
if 'uuid' in MKFS_OPTS[fs] and uuid:
if 'uuid' not in MKFS_OPTS[fs] and 'uuid':
UUID_UPDATE[fs](device, uuid)
class BundleVolume(object):
......@@ -329,34 +364,6 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
return excluded
def _replace_uuids(self, target, new_uuid):
"""Replace UUID references in various files. This is needed after
copying system files of the host into a new file system
files = ['/etc/fstab',
orig = {}
for p in self.disk.partitions:
if p.number in new_uuid.keys():
orig[p.number] = \
blkid('-s', 'UUID', '-o', 'value', p.path).stdout.strip()
for f in map(lambda f: target + f, files):
if not os.path.exists(f):
with open(f, 'r') as src:
lines = src.readlines()
with open(f, 'w') as dest:
for line in lines:
for i, new in new_uuid.items():
line = re.sub(orig[i], new, line)
def _create_filesystems(self, image, partitions):
"""Fill the image with data. Host file systems that are not currently
mounted are binary copied into the image. For mounted file systems, a
......@@ -393,10 +400,15 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
new_uuid = {}
# Create the file systems
for i, dev in mapped.iteritems():
uuid = blkid(
'-s', 'UUID', '-o', 'value', orig_dev[i]).stdout.strip()
label = blkid(
'-s', 'LABEL', '-o', 'value', orig_dev[i]).stdout.strip()
fs = filesystem[i].fs
self.out.output('Creating %s file system on partition %d ... '
% (fs, i), False)
get_command('mkfs.%s' % fs)(*(MKFS_OPTS[fs] + [dev]))
mkfs(fs, dev, uuid=uuid, label=label)
# For ext[234] enable the default mount options
if re.match('^ext[234]$', fs):
......@@ -457,11 +469,6 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
os.chmod(target + excl, stat.st_mode)
os.chown(target + excl, stat.st_uid, stat.st_gid)
# We need to replace the old UUID references with the new ones
# in GRUB configuration files and /etc/fstab for file systems
# that have been recreated.
self._replace_uuids(target, new_uuid)
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