Commit 27435a93 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Allow the user to revert the VirtIO installation

When working in wizard mode, give the user the ability to revert the
installation of the VirtIO drivers.
parent b2fa1397
......@@ -127,8 +127,8 @@ class WizardPage(object):
if 'extra' in kargs:
self.dargs['extra_button'] = 1
if 'extra_label' in kargs:
self.dargs['extra_label'] = kargs['extra_label']
self.extra_label = kargs['extra_label'] if 'extra_label' in kargs \
else lambda: "extra"
def __str__(self):
"""Prints the answer"""
......@@ -147,8 +147,10 @@ class WizardInputPage(WizardPage):
def show(self, dialog, title):
"""Display this wizard page"""
(code, answer) = dialog.inputbox(self.text, init=self.default,
title=title, **self.dargs)
(code, answer) = dialog.inputbox(self.text(), init=self.default,
if code in (dialog.DIALOG_CANCEL, dialog.DIALOG_ESC):
return self.PREV
......@@ -173,9 +175,10 @@ class WizardInfoPage(WizardPage):
def show(self, dialog, title):
"""Display this wizard page"""
text = "%s\n\n%s" % (self.text,
text = "%s\n\n%s" % (self.text(),
ret = dialog.yesno(text, title=title, **self.dargs)
ret = dialog.yesno(text, title=title, extra_label=self.extra_label(),
if ret in (dialog.DIALOG_CANCEL, dialog.DIALOG_ESC):
return self.PREV
......@@ -202,8 +205,9 @@ class WizardFormPage(WizardPage):
form_height = field_lenght if field_lenght < PAGE_HEIGHT - 4 \
else PAGE_HEIGHT - 4
(code, output) = dialog.form(self.text, form_height=form_height,
(code, output) = dialog.form(self.text(), form_height=form_height,
fields=self.fields(), title=title,
default_item=self.default, **self.dargs)
if code in (dialog.DIALOG_CANCEL, dialog.DIALOG_ESC):
......@@ -240,7 +244,8 @@ class WizardRadioListPage(WizardPageWthChoices):
default = 1 if choice[0] == self.default else 0
choices.append((choice[0], choice[1], default))
(code, answer) = dialog.radiolist(self.text, choices=choices,
(code, answer) = dialog.radiolist(self.text(), choices=choices,
title=title, **self.dargs)
if code in (dialog.DIALOG_CANCEL, dialog.DIALOG_ESC):
......@@ -269,7 +274,8 @@ class WizardMenuPage(WizardPageWthChoices):
default_item = self.default if self.default else choices[0][0]
(code, choice) =, title=title, choices=choices,
(code, choice) =, title=title, choices=choices,
default_item=default_item, **self.dargs)
if code in (dialog.DIALOG_CANCEL, dialog.DIALOG_ESC):
......@@ -321,18 +327,21 @@ def start_wizard(session):
return cloud
cloud = WizardMenuPage(
"Cloud", lambda:
"Please select a cloud account or press <Add> to add a new one:",
cloud_choices, extra_label="Add", extra=lambda: add_cloud(session),
title="Clouds", validate=cloud_validate, fallback=no_clouds)
cloud_choices, extra_label=lambda: "Add",
extra=lambda: add_cloud(session), title="Clouds",
validate=cloud_validate, fallback=no_clouds)
# Create Image Name Wizard Page
name = WizardInputPage("ImageName", "Please provide a name for the image:",
name = WizardInputPage("ImageName", lambda:
"Please provide a name for the image:",
default=ostype if distro == "unknown" else distro)
# Create Image Description Wizard Page
descr = WizardInputPage(
"ImageDescription", "Please provide a description for the image:",
"ImageDescription", lambda:
"Please provide a description for the image:",
default=metadata['DESCRIPTION'] if 'DESCRIPTION' in metadata else '')
# Create VirtIO Installation Page
......@@ -346,8 +355,8 @@ def start_wizard(session):
virtio = image.os.sysprep_params['virtio'].value
if virtio:
ret += "\nNew Block Device Driver: %(netkvm)s\n" \
"New Network Device Driver: %(viostor)s\n" % \
ret += "\nBlock Device Driver to be installed: %(netkvm)s\n" \
"Network Device Driver to be installed: %(viostor)s\n" % \
return ret
......@@ -378,12 +387,30 @@ def start_wizard(session):
return drv_dir
def virtio_text():
if not session['image'].os.sysprep_params['virtio'].value:
return "Press <New> to update the image's VirtIO drivers."
return "Press <Revert> to revert to the old state."
def virtio_extra():
if not session['image'].os.sysprep_params['virtio'].value:
title = "Please select a directory that hosts VirtIO drivers."
update_sysprep_param(session, 'virtio', title=title)
session['image'].os.sysprep_params['virtio'].value = ""
def virtio_extra_label():
if not session['image'].os.sysprep_params['virtio'].value:
return "New"
return "Revert"
virtio = WizardInfoPage(
"virtio", "Press <New> to install new VirtIO drivers.",
display_installed_drivers, title="VirtIO Drivers", extra_label='New',
extra=lambda: update_sysprep_param(session, 'virtio',title=title),
validate=validate_virtio, print_name="VirtIO Drivers Path")
"virtio", virtio_text, display_installed_drivers,
title="VirtIO Drivers", extra_label=virtio_extra_label,
extra=virtio_extra, validate=validate_virtio,
print_name="VirtIO Drivers Path")
# Create Image Registration Wizard Page
def registration_choices():
......@@ -391,7 +418,7 @@ def start_wizard(session):
return [("Private", "Image is accessible only by this user"),
("Public", "Everyone can create VMs from this image")]
registration = WizardRadioListPage("RegistrationType",
registration = WizardRadioListPage("RegistrationType", lambda:
"Please provide a registration type:",
registration_choices, default="Private")
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