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    Merge branch 'stable-2.14' into master · 7c23902f
    Hrvoje Ribicic authored
    * stable-2.14
      Update the bounds of monad-control in the cabal template
      Fix RenewCrypto unittest
      Move common code out of DrbdAttachNet
      _EnsureSecondary is no longer needed
      Do not _GatherAndLinkBlockDevs in AcceptInstance
      Use _CloseInstanceDisks() helper during failover
      Add helpers for Open/Close during migration
      Introduce blockdev_open RPC
      Export the 'exclusive' parameter to ExtStorage
      Add the 'exclusive' parameter in bdev.Open()
      Extend ExtStorage with open/close scripts
      Refactor optional mechanism for ExtStorage scripts
      Use CPP macros to chose the appropriate NFData instance
    * stable-2.13
      Break lines longer than 80 chars
      Be gentler to failures while removing SSH keys
      Change wording in documentation wrt configure-time paths
      Do not distribute files with configure-specific information
      LXC: Add udevadm settle invocation to prevent errors
      Fix haddock examples for extractJSONPath
    * stable-2.12
      Upgrade codebase to support monad-control >= && <1.1
      Add macros for the version of monad-control
      Rename hs-lens-versions Makefile target to hs-pkg-versions
      Verify master status before retrying a socket
      Make LUClusterDestroy tell WConfD
      Add an RPC to prepare cluster destruction
      Support no-master state in ssconf
      WConfD: do not clean up own livelock
      Make WConfD have a livelock file as well
      Add a prefix for a WConfD livelock
      Detect if the own job file disappears
      Keep track of the number LUs executing
      Make job processes keep track of their job id
      Make LuxiD clean up its lock file
      QA: Fix CheckFileUnmodified to work with vcluster
      QA: Fix white-spaces in CheckFileUnmodified
      QA: Check that the cluster verify doesn't change the config
      QA: Allow to check that an operation doesn't change a file
      Use only shared configuration lock for ComputeDRBDMap
      Only assert properties of non-None objects
      If any IO error happens during job forking, retry
      Add a function for retrying `MonadError` computations
      Annotate every send/receive operation in Exec.hs
      Refactor `rethrowAnnotateIOError` and simplify its usage
      Query.Exec: Describe error if talking to job process fails
      Query.Exec: Log error when talking to job process fails
      Fix the generation of Makefile.ghc rules for *_hi
      Fix error handling for failed fork jobs
      If a forked job process malfunctions, kill it thoroughly
      Add function to run checked computations in `MonadError`
      Add job ID and process ID to log statements in Exec.hs
      Fix issues when generating 'lens' version definitions
      Signal to the job queue when the cluster is gone
      Only read config if necessary
      Always OutDate() the lu's config
      Outdate the config when waiting for locks
      Support outdating a config
      Allow unlocked reading of the config
      Also in tests, open fake config before editing
      Fix a few haddock comments
    * stable-2.11
      Improve error handling when looking up instances
      Capture last exception
      Improve speed of Xen hypervisor unit tests
      Improve Xen instance state handling
      Renew crypto retries for non-master nodes
      Retries for the master's SSL cert renewal
      Unit tests for offline nodes
      De-duplicate testing code regarding pathutils
      Make LURenewCrypto handle unreachable nodes properly
      Error handling on failed SSL cert renewal for master
      Unit test for LURenewCrypto's valid case
      Mock support for pathutils
      Increase timeout of crypto token RPC
      Skip offline nodes in RENEW_CRYPTO jobs
    * stable-2.10
      Make QA fail if KVM hotplugging fails
      Always preserve QA command output
      Don't lose stdout/stderr in AssertCommand
      qa_utils: Allow passing fail=None to AssertCommand
      qa_utils: Make AssertCommand return stdout/stderr as well
      Allow plain/DRBD conversions regardless of lack of disks
      Add support for ipolicy modifications to mock config
      Remove unused import
      Use an old way to instance NFData CollectorData
      MonD: force computation of state in stateful collectors
      Instance NFData CollectorData
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    Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <aehlig@google.com>
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