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    Merge branch 'stable-2.13' into stable-2.14 · ad337e7e
    Klaus Aehlig authored
    * stable-2.13
      Fix sample 2.12 configuration
      NodeSshRemoveKey: Add retries for updating the target node
      SSH file manager: properly name assertion function
      Unittests: Simplify generating a master candidate node
      RemoveNodeSshKey: use retries when updating other nodes
      AddNodeSshKey: retries for all non-master nodes
      AddNodeSshKey: retry when target node not reachable
      Remove obsolete constant SSHS_RENAME
      Simplify testdata setup and teardown
      Consider offline nodes when removing SSH keys
      Consider offline nodes in NodeSshKeyAdd
      Use SSH file manager for unittests removing keys
      Use SSH file manager in key adding unit tests
      Introduce (testutils) SSH file manager
      Only delete old node keys in one-key-setup
      Add debug comments to RenewCrypto
      Fix renewing master node's SSH key
      Create CHROOT directory before copy COMP_FILENAME
    * stable-2.12
      When assigning UUIDs to disks, do so recursively
      Fix sample 2.11 configuration
      Include hypervisor parameters in SSConf
      Add SSConf keys for hypervisor parameters
      Use Hypervisor as the key in ClusterHvParams
      Re-remove final config update in renew-crypto
      Fix string formatting in private object representation
      Fix the computation of the list of reserved IP addresses
      Increase number of retries for daemon RPCs
    * stable-2.11
      Update configure file to version 2.11.7
      Update NEWS file for 2.11.7 release
      Add logging to RenewCrypto
      Fix format string for gnt-network info
      Replace textwrapper.wrap by a custom version for networks
      Add SSL improvements to NEWS file
    * stable-2.10
      Update tag limitations
      Fix typos in doc/design-storagetypes.rst
      Make getFQDN prefer cluster protocol family
      Add version of getFQDN accepting preferences
      Make getFQDN honor vcluster
    Resolved by manually following code moves.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <aehlig@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <riba@google.com>
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