1. 09 Feb, 2009 6 commits
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Export the cpu nodes and sockets from Xen · 0105bad3
      Iustin Pop authored
      This is a hand-picked forward patch of commit 1755 on the 1.2 branch
      (hand-picked since the trees diverged too much since then):
          The patch changed the xen hypervisor to compute the number of cpu
          sockets/nodes and enables the command line and the RAPI to show this
          information (for RAPI is enabled by default in node details, for gnt-one
          one can use the new “cnodes” and “csockets” fields).
          Originally-Reviewed-by: ultrotter
      For the KVM and fake hypervisors, the patch just exports 1 for both
      nodes and sockets. This can be fixed, by looking at the
      /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuN/topology directories, and computing the
      actual information, but that should be done in a separate patch.
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Fix handling OS errors in AddOSToInstance · 1268d6fd
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch fixes the error handling in the add OS to instance function
      with regard to invalid OSes. Previously, we didn't handle any such
      errors, with the end result that the user would have to look in the node
      daemon log.
      The patch also renames the name of the function to match the RPC call
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      backend.DrbdAttachNet: don't ignore Open() errors · d3da87b8
      Iustin Pop authored
      Currently the return value or errors from the block device Open() method
      are ignored. This patch catches any BlockDeviceErrors and returns a
      well-formatted result.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      cmdlib: simplify some rpc error handling cases · 0959c824
      Iustin Pop authored
      By using the RemoteFailMsg() or the payload field of RpcResult, we can
      simplify a few functions in cmdlib.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      RpcResult: add a new payload field · f2def43a
      Iustin Pop authored
      For results which use the (status, payload) response type, it's easier
      to define a ‘payload’ field on the result holding the payload than to
      extract it using “data[1]” in the caller code.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      LUCreateInstance: only set running flag at the end · 4978db17
      Iustin Pop authored
      In lockless queries, it's better if we see the instance in ADMIN_down
      rather than ERROR_down during the time it's installed. As such, we
      change the LU to only mark the instance 'up' at the time we are ready to
      start it.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
  2. 07 Feb, 2009 4 commits
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      KVM: don't boot from a virtio cdrom · 9dd363eb
      Guido Trotter authored
      Apparently it's not supported. Also add -boot command line parameters
      to kvm, since they seem to help booting from the right place. Everything
      will still only work when not using a kernel, but well... :)
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      KVM: don't boot from cdrom with no cdrom · ec91c05d
      Guido Trotter authored
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      Support cdrom image and boot order for KVM · 66d5dbef
      Guido Trotter authored
      The cdrom image has the same meaning than in Xen HVM, and so does
      boot_order, even though it has a slightly different syntax, and uses the
      value 'disk' too boot from disk and 'cdrom' to boot from cdrom.
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      Get rid of constants.HT_HVM_DEFAULT_BOOT_ORDER · 30948aa6
      Guido Trotter authored
      Confusingly, as a leftober from 1.2, there was a
      constants.HT_HVM_DEFAULT_BOOT_ORDER constant, with a value opposite to
      the default HV_BOOT_ORDER hv param that got enabled only if
      HV_BOOT_ORDER was set to None. Since setting it to None is very
      hard/impossible for the user, and we didn't handle other "empty" values
      (False, ''), we'll just force the parameter to have a valid value (after
      all we have a default, and that's the way we use hvparams) and get rid
      of the old constant altoghether.
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
  3. 06 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Fix rapi job listing · ee69c97f
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch fixes a couple of issues with the job listing:
        - in case of a non-existing job, nicely raise 404 instead of 500
        - in the job detail listing, also list the job log, the job
          timestamps, etc.
        - the opcode migrate instance was missing its description field
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
  4. 05 Feb, 2009 4 commits
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      KVM: add VNC TLS and X509 parameters · 8b2d1013
      Guido Trotter authored
      With this parameters VNC for KVM is able to be protected by tls,
      optionally with an x509 certificate, and optionally verifying the
      client as well. Additionally in this patch we limit the bind address to
      being a directory, rather than a file or a directory, for simplicity, as
      it allows for the same level of control anyway.
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      KVM: allow binding vnc to a file · 8447f52b
      Guido Trotter authored
      Before we forced the VNC_BIND_ADDRESS to be an ip. Now we also accept a
      path, and bind the instance to it, or to a file in it if it's a
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Fix some issues for lockless queries · 2e7b8369
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch converts some more jobs with only queries into cheaper luxi
      queries (no job created), and fixes some fallout from the lockless
      queries changes.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Revive RAPI QA tests for 2.0-style RAPI · a5b9d725
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch fixes the RAPI QA tests to work with today's RAPI code and
      also does some other minor improvements:
        - QA: only create the cluster if so configured (‘create-cluster’ key),
          this allows running parts of the QA suite against existing clusters
        - export the “hvparams” for instances in RAPI
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
  5. 04 Feb, 2009 7 commits
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      rapi: fix 'bulk' processing and add locking option · 3d103742
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch fixes the 'bulk' parameter (before any non-empty
      specification was considered True, in conflict with the documentation,
      i.e. bulk=0 still did bulk queries).
      The patch also adds optional locking on the instance/node listing (does
      not have effect when we only list names).
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      rapi: cleanup and update to latest 2.0 API · 9031ee8e
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch cleans up and updates the RAPI interface:
        - queries are changes to luxi queries instead of jobs, where possible
        - since we changed the API version, we remove the old-style attributes
          (sda_size, ip, etc.) and replace them with 2.0 style
        - a small optimization in the instance and node list, don't query
          twice the names in bulk output
        - switch the instance and node lists to no locking
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Enable lockless node queries · bc8e4a1a
      Iustin Pop authored
      Similar to the instance list, this patch enables lockless node queris.
      “gnt-node list” accepts now the “--sync” flag which enables locking, the
      default is lockless.
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      rapi: fix authentication and queries · 85414b69
      Iustin Pop authored
      For queries, we don't want to require authentication. We fix this by adding an
      override GetAuthRealm in the rapi daemon.
      We also fix a method name.
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Add one new luxi query: cluster info · 66baeccc
      Iustin Pop authored
      This is the last query that RAPI executes via opcodes and is purely
      static (config values only). As such, we can convert it safely to a
      query instead of job.
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      ssconf: add some more keys and some fixes · 81a49123
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch adds the online node list and instance list to the ssconf
      keys. In order to do distribute correctly the instance list, we need to
      update the cluster serial number on instance additions and removals.
      The patch also changes the permissions on the ssconf files to be 0444:
        - no write for root, in order to signal that these file should not be
        - read for everyone since the files don't contain sensitive data
          anymore (and permissions can be controlled via the parent directory
          if needed)
      The patch also fixes a small typo on gnt-cluster.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Implement lockless query operations · ec79568d
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch adds the framework for, and enables lockless OpQueryInstances. This
      means that instances will be shown in ERROR_up or ERROR_down state, even though
      this is not an error (but just an in-progress job).
      The framework is implemented as follows:
        - the OpQueryInstances, OpQueryNodes and OpQueryExports opcodes take
          an additional “use_locking” flag which will denote whether to lock
          or not; this patch only implements this for LUQueryInstances
        - the luxi query functions take an additional argument use_locking
          which is passed to the master daemon, and then passed to the above
        - cli.py export a new SYNC_OPT command line options which implement
          setting this flag to true
        - except for gnt-instance list, which uses this option, and for
          name-only queries (e.g. QueryNodes(fields=["names"])), all other
          callers are setting this flag to True
        - RAPI also sets the flag to True
      The patch was tested with a continuous (0.2s sleep in-between)
      gnt-instance list during a burnin, and no problems were observed.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
  6. 03 Feb, 2009 6 commits
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      KVM: Make GetAllInstancesInfo concurrency-safe · 00ad5362
      Guido Trotter authored
      Or actually more so. If this function gets called while instances get
      shut down, it might try to report information on instances which don't
      exits. Try to fail gracefully if that happens, by just skipping an
      instance which has disappeared in the meantime.
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      Correct a typo in ReadPidFile's docstring · 1de62f37
      Guido Trotter authored
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      An attempt at fixing some encoding issues · 26f15862
      Iustin Pop authored
      This patch unifies the hardcoded re-encoding attempts into a single
      function in utils.py. This function is used to take either an unicode or
      str object and convert it to a ASCII-only str object which can be safely
      displayed and transmitted.
      We replace then the current manual re-encodings with this function. In
      mcpu we stop re-encoding the hooks output and instead we do it right at
      the hook generation in backend.py.
      This passes on my 'custom' lvs output with non-ASCII chars. But there
      are probably other places we will need to fix.
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      Small patch for handling errors in node add · bafc1d90
      Iustin Pop authored
      This small path hopefully fixes the handling of ssh verify errors in
      node add (note: untested).
      Reviewed-by: ultrotter
    • Iustin Pop's avatar
      ssh: more details on failure · a162cf5b
      Iustin Pop authored
      In case we fail without output from the ssh command, we should at least
      add the exit code or any other failure reason to the error message, and
      log it and the cmdline used to the node daemon log.
      Reviewed-by: imsnah
    • Guido Trotter's avatar
      Give a sane permission to the known_host file · a3f9f296
      Guido Trotter authored
      Reviewed-by: iustinp
  7. 02 Feb, 2009 3 commits
  8. 01 Feb, 2009 1 commit
  9. 29 Jan, 2009 8 commits