Commit fba13a09 authored by Helga Velroyen's avatar Helga Velroyen

Verify: warn about self-signed client certs

Since from this patch series on, there should be no
self-sigend certificates in a cluster anymore, add
a warning to cluster-verify to nag people to renew
their certificates.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent 7e67ba1d
......@@ -941,6 +941,12 @@ def _VerifyNodeInfo(what, vm_capable, result, all_hvparams):
def _VerifyClientCertificate(cert_file=pathutils.NODED_CLIENT_CERT_FILE):
"""Verify the existance and validity of the client SSL certificate.
Also, verify that the client certificate is not self-signed. Self-
signed client certificates stem from Ganeti versions 2.12.0 - 2.12.4
and should be replaced by client certificates signed by the server
certificate. Hence we output a warning when we encounter a self-signed
create_cert_cmd = "gnt-cluster renew-crypto --new-node-certificates"
if not os.path.exists(cert_file):
......@@ -951,9 +957,13 @@ def _VerifyClientCertificate(cert_file=pathutils.NODED_CLIENT_CERT_FILE):
(errcode, msg) = utils.VerifyCertificate(cert_file)
if errcode is not None:
return (errcode, msg)
# if everything is fine, we return the digest to be compared to the config
return (None, utils.GetCertificateDigest(cert_filename=cert_file))
(errcode, msg) = utils.IsCertificateSelfSigned(cert_file)
if errcode is not None:
return (errcode, msg)
# if everything is fine, we return the digest to be compared to the config
return (None, utils.GetCertificateDigest(cert_filename=cert_file))
def VerifyNode(what, cluster_name, all_hvparams, node_groups, groups_cfg):
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ def VerifyCertificate(filename):
(errcode, msg) = \
x509.VerifyX509Certificate(cert, constants.SSL_CERT_EXPIRATION_WARN,
if msg:
fnamemsg = "While verifying %s: %s" % (filename, msg)
......@@ -134,3 +134,33 @@ def VerifyCertificate(filename):
return (constants.CV_ERROR, fnamemsg)
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Unhandled certificate error code %r" % errcode)
def IsCertificateSelfSigned(cert_filename):
"""Checks whether the certificate issuer is the same as the owner.
Note that this does not actually verify the signature, it simply
compares the certificates common name and the issuer's common
name. This is sufficient, because now that Ganeti started creating
non-self-signed client-certificates, it uses their hostnames
as common names and thus they are distinguishable by common name
from the server certificates.
@type cert_filename: string
@param cert_filename: filename of the certificate to examine
cert = OpenSSL.crypto.load_certificate(OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM,
except Exception, err: # pylint: disable=W0703
return (constants.CV_ERROR,
"Failed to load X509 certificate %s: %s" % (cert_filename, err))
if cert.get_subject().CN == cert.get_issuer().CN:
msg = "The certificate '%s' is self-signed. Please run 'gnt-cluster" \
" renew-crypto --new-node-certificates' to get a properly signed" \
" certificate." % cert_filename
return (constants.CV_WARNING, msg)
return (None, None)
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ class TestNodeVerify(testutils.GanetiTestCase):
verif_cert.return_value = (None, None)
cert_file = testutils.TestDataFilename("cert2.pem")
(errcode, digest) = backend._VerifyClientCertificate(cert_file=cert_file)
self.assertEqual(None, errcode)
self.assertEqual(constants.CV_WARNING, errcode)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(digest, str))
@testutils.patch_object(utils, "VerifyCertificate")
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