Commit f28eb679 authored by Petr Pudlak's avatar Petr Pudlak
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Forward MAC reservations from ConfigWriter to WConfD

Also call it for dropping reservations when a job finishes.

And remove the field for temporary DRBDs, that has been already moved to
Signed-off-by: default avatarPetr Pudlak <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent 6a221b79
......@@ -286,12 +286,10 @@ class ConfigWriter(object):
self._cfg_file = cfg_file
self._getents = _getents
self._temporary_ids = TemporaryReservationManager()
self._temporary_drbds = {}
self._temporary_macs = TemporaryReservationManager()
self._temporary_secrets = TemporaryReservationManager()
self._temporary_lvs = TemporaryReservationManager()
self._temporary_ips = TemporaryReservationManager()
self._all_rms = [self._temporary_ids, self._temporary_macs,
self._all_rms = [self._temporary_ids,
self._temporary_secrets, self._temporary_lvs,
# Note: in order to prevent errors when resolving our name later,
......@@ -690,61 +688,22 @@ class ConfigWriter(object):
assert isinstance(data, dict), "Not a dictionary: " + str(data)
return data
def _UnlockedGetNetworkMACPrefix(self, net_uuid):
"""Return the network mac prefix if it exists or the cluster level default.
prefix = None
if net_uuid:
nobj = self._UnlockedGetNetwork(net_uuid)
if nobj.mac_prefix:
prefix = nobj.mac_prefix
return prefix
def _GenerateOneMAC(self, prefix=None):
"""Return a function that randomly generates a MAC suffic
and appends it to the given prefix. If prefix is not given get
the cluster level default.
if not prefix:
prefix = self._ConfigData().cluster.mac_prefix
def GenMac():
byte1 = random.randrange(0, 256)
byte2 = random.randrange(0, 256)
byte3 = random.randrange(0, 256)
mac = "%s:%02x:%02x:%02x" % (prefix, byte1, byte2, byte3)
return mac
return GenMac
def GenerateMAC(self, net_uuid, ec_id):
def GenerateMAC(self, net_uuid, _ec_id):
"""Generate a MAC for an instance.
This should check the current instances for duplicates.
existing = self._AllMACs()
prefix = self._UnlockedGetNetworkMACPrefix(net_uuid)
gen_mac = self._GenerateOneMAC(prefix)
return self._temporary_ids.Generate(existing, gen_mac, ec_id)
return self._wconfd.GenerateMAC(self._GetWConfdContext(), net_uuid)
def ReserveMAC(self, mac, ec_id):
def ReserveMAC(self, mac, _ec_id):
"""Reserve a MAC for an instance.
This only checks instances managed by this cluster, it does not
check for potential collisions elsewhere.
all_macs = self._AllMACs()
if mac in all_macs:
raise errors.ReservationError("mac already in use")
self._temporary_macs.Reserve(ec_id, mac)
self._wconfd.ReserveMAC(self._GetWConfdContext(), mac)
def _UnlockedCommitTemporaryIps(self, ec_id):
"""Commit all reserved IP address to their respective pools
......@@ -3220,12 +3179,16 @@ class ConfigWriter(object):
def _UnlockedDropECReservations(self, ec_id):
def _UnlockedDropECReservations(self, _ec_id):
"""Drop per-execution-context reservations
# FIXME: Remove the following two lines after all reservations are moved to
# wconfd.
for rm in self._all_rms:
if not self._offline:
def DropECReservations(self, ec_id):
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