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Manpage for KVM daemon

Add manpage for the KVM daemon.
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......@@ -1195,6 +1195,7 @@ man_MANS = \
man/ganeti-confd.8 \
man/ganeti-luxid.8 \
man/ganeti-listrunner.8 \
man/ganeti-kvmd.8 \
man/ganeti-masterd.8 \
man/ganeti-mond.8 \
man/ganeti-noded.8 \
ganeti-kvmd(8) Ganeti | Version @GANETI_VERSION@
ganeti-kvmd - Ganeti KVM daemon
The KVM daemon is responsible for determining whether a given KVM
instance was shutdown by an administrator or a user.
The KVM daemon monitors, using ``inotify``, KVM instances through
their QMP sockets, which are provided by KVM. Using the QMP sockets,
the KVM daemon listens for particular shutdown, powerdown, and stop
events which will determine if a given instance was shutdown by the
user or Ganeti, and this result is communicated to Ganeti via a
special file in the filesystem.
The KVM daemon monitors Qmp sockets of KVM instances, which are created
in the KVM control directory, located under
``@LOCALSTATEDIR@/run/ganeti/kvm-hypervisor/ctrl/``. The KVM daemon
also creates shutdown files in this directory. Finally, the KVM
daemon's log file is located under
``@LOCALSTATEDIR@/log/ganeti/ganeti-kvmd.log``. Removal of the KVM
control directory, the shutdown files, or the log file, will lead to no
errors on the KVM daemon.
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