Commit e78a8c0b authored by Helga Velroyen's avatar Helga Velroyen
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Extraction of storage info by type

There was a bug in the node queries. It was assumed that
the returned storage space information was in a particular
order. With the changes in the storage reporting, this
order is not that reliable anymore, in particular, the
assumption that the spindle's space reporting is always
the second entry is no longer valid.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent 20faaa74
......@@ -80,6 +80,32 @@ nodeLiveFieldsDefs =
"Total amount of memory of physical machine")
-- | Helper function to extract an attribute from a maybe StorageType
getAttrFromStorageInfo :: (J.JSON a) => (StorageInfo -> Maybe a)
-> Maybe StorageInfo -> J.JSValue
getAttrFromStorageInfo attr_fn (Just info) =
case attr_fn info of
Just val -> J.showJSON val
Nothing -> J.JSNull
getAttrFromStorageInfo _ Nothing = J.JSNull
-- | Check whether the given storage info fits to the given storage type
isStorageInfoOfType :: StorageType -> StorageInfo -> Bool
isStorageInfoOfType stype sinfo = storageInfoType sinfo ==
storageTypeToRaw stype
-- | Get storage info for the default storage unit
getStorageInfoForDefault :: [StorageInfo] -> Maybe StorageInfo
getStorageInfoForDefault sinfos = listToMaybe $ filter
(not . isStorageInfoOfType StorageLvmPv) sinfos
-- | Gets the storage info for a storage type
-- FIXME: This needs to be extended when storage pools are implemented,
-- because storage types are not necessarily unique then
getStorageInfoForType :: [StorageInfo] -> StorageType -> Maybe StorageInfo
getStorageInfoForType sinfos stype = listToMaybe $ filter
(isStorageInfoOfType stype) sinfos
-- | Map each name to a function that extracts that value from
-- the RPC result.
nodeLiveFieldExtract :: FieldName -> RpcResultNodeInfo -> J.JSValue
......@@ -94,13 +120,17 @@ nodeLiveFieldExtract "csockets" res =
nodeLiveFieldExtract "ctotal" res =
jsonHead (rpcResNodeInfoHvInfo res) hvInfoCpuTotal
nodeLiveFieldExtract "dfree" res =
getMaybeJsonHead (rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res) storageInfoStorageFree
getAttrFromStorageInfo storageInfoStorageFree (getStorageInfoForDefault
(rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res))
nodeLiveFieldExtract "dtotal" res =
getMaybeJsonHead (rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res) storageInfoStorageSize
getAttrFromStorageInfo storageInfoStorageSize (getStorageInfoForDefault
(rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res))
nodeLiveFieldExtract "spfree" res =
getMaybeJsonElem (rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res) 1 storageInfoStorageFree
getAttrFromStorageInfo storageInfoStorageFree (getStorageInfoForType
(rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res) StorageLvmPv)
nodeLiveFieldExtract "sptotal" res =
getMaybeJsonElem (rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res) 1 storageInfoStorageSize
getAttrFromStorageInfo storageInfoStorageSize (getStorageInfoForType
(rpcResNodeInfoStorageInfo res) StorageLvmPv)
nodeLiveFieldExtract "mfree" res =
jsonHead (rpcResNodeInfoHvInfo res) hvInfoMemoryFree
nodeLiveFieldExtract "mnode" res =
......@@ -244,6 +274,7 @@ collectLiveData False _ nodes =
collectLiveData True cfg nodes = do
let hvs = [getDefaultHypervisorSpec cfg]
good_nodes = nodesWithValidConfig cfg nodes
-- FIXME: use storage units from calling code
storage_units = getStorageUnitsOfNodes cfg good_nodes
rpcres <- executeRpcCall good_nodes (RpcCallNodeInfo storage_units hvs)
return $ fillUpList (fillPairFromMaybe rpcResultNodeBroken pickPairUnique)
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