Commit e52e0ddc authored by Jose A. Lopes's avatar Jose A. Lopes

Watcher cleans user shutdown domains

Update watcher to destroy shutdown domains when it detects that a
domain is in the state 'USER_down'.  This requires adding logic
similar to that of restart instance, that is tracking the number of
cleanup attempts in the watcher's state and give up if a given number
of retries has been reached.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJose A. Lopes <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <>
parent 55c87175
......@@ -172,6 +172,27 @@ class Node:
self.secondaries = secondaries
def _CleanupInstance(cl, notepad, inst):
n = notepad.NumberOfCleanupAttempts(
if n > MAXTRIES:
logging.warning("Not cleaning up instance '%s', retries exhausted",
return"Instance '%s' was shutdown by the user, cleaning up instance",
op = opcodes.OpInstanceShutdown(
cli.SubmitOpCode(op, cl=cl)
if notepad.NumberOfCleanupAttempts(
except Exception: # pylint: disable=W0703
logging.exception("Error while cleaning up instance '%s'",
def _CheckInstances(cl, notepad, instances):
"""Make a pass over the list of instances, restarting downed ones.
......@@ -181,7 +202,9 @@ def _CheckInstances(cl, notepad, instances):
started = set()
for inst in instances.values():
if inst.status in BAD_STATES:
if inst.status == constants.INSTST_USERDOWN:
_CleanupInstance(cl, notepad, inst)
elif inst.status in BAD_STATES:
n = notepad.NumberOfRestartAttempts(
if n > MAXTRIES:
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ from ganeti import errors
# counter, so 8 hours (16*1/2h) seems like a reasonable reset time
KEY_CLEANUP_COUNT = "cleanup_count"
KEY_CLEANUP_WHEN = "cleanup_when"
KEY_RESTART_COUNT = "restart_count"
KEY_RESTART_WHEN = "restart_when"
KEY_BOOT_ID = "bootid"
......@@ -162,6 +164,20 @@ class WatcherState(object):
return 0
def NumberOfCleanupAttempts(self, instance_name):
"""Returns number of previous cleanup attempts.
@type instance_name: string
@param instance_name: the name of the instance to look up
idata = self._data["instance"]
if instance_name in idata:
return idata[instance_name][KEY_CLEANUP_COUNT]
return 0
def MaintainInstanceList(self, instances):
"""Perform maintenance on the recorded instances.
......@@ -185,6 +201,28 @@ class WatcherState(object):
logging.debug("Expiring record for instance %s", inst)
idict.pop(inst, None)
def _RecordAttempt(instances, instance_name, key_when, key_count):
"""Record an event.
@type instances: dict
@param instances: contains instance data indexed by instance_name
@type instance_name: string
@param instance_name: name of the instance involved in the event
@type key_when:
@param key_when: dict key for the information for when the event occurred
@type key_count: int
@param key_count: dict key for the information for how many times
the event occurred
instance = instances.setdefault(instance_name, {})
instance[key_when] = time.time()
instance[key_count] = instance.get(key_count, 0) + 1
def RecordRestartAttempt(self, instance_name):
"""Record a restart attempt.
......@@ -192,11 +230,18 @@ class WatcherState(object):
@param instance_name: the name of the instance being restarted
idata = self._data["instance"]
self._RecordAttempt(self._data["instance"], instance_name,
def RecordCleanupAttempt(self, instance_name):
"""Record a cleanup attempt.
inst = idata.setdefault(instance_name, {})
inst[KEY_RESTART_WHEN] = time.time()
inst[KEY_RESTART_COUNT] = inst.get(KEY_RESTART_COUNT, 0) + 1
@type instance_name: string
@param instance_name: the name of the instance being cleaned up
self._RecordAttempt(self._data["instance"], instance_name,
def RemoveInstance(self, instance_name):
"""Update state to reflect that a machine is running.
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