Commit deb9ff16 authored by Petr Pudlak's avatar Petr Pudlak
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Don't log anything during forking a job process

As it seems that using stderr by both the master process and child
processes could be a cause of forking problems, logging is now deferred
until the forking handshake is over and the master and child process are
completely separated.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPetr Pudlak <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent d92ce368
......@@ -72,11 +72,11 @@ import Text.Printf
import qualified AutoConf as AC
import Ganeti.BasicTypes
import Ganeti.Logging
import Ganeti.Logging.WriterLog
import qualified Ganeti.Path as P
import Ganeti.Types
import Ganeti.UDSServer
import Ganeti.Utils
import Ganeti.Utils.MonadPlus
isForkSupported :: IO Bool
isForkSupported = return $ not rtsSupportsBoundThreads
......@@ -107,36 +107,46 @@ listOpenFds = liftM filterReadable
runJobProcess :: JobId -> Client -> IO ()
runJobProcess jid s = withErrorLogAt CRITICAL (show jid) $
logInfo $ "Forking a new process for job " ++ show (fromJobId jid)
-- Close the standard error to prevent anything being written there
-- (for example by exceptions when closing unneeded FDs).
closeFd stdError
-- Currently, we discard any logging messages to prevent problems
-- with GHC's fork implementation, and they're kept
-- in the code just to document what is happening.
-- Later we might direct them to an appropriate file.
let logLater _ = return ()
logLater $ "Forking a new process for job " ++ show (fromJobId jid)
-- Create a livelock file for the job
(TOD ts _) <- getClockTime
lockfile <- P.livelockFile $ printf "job_%06d_%d" (fromJobId jid) ts
-- Lock the livelock file
logDebug $ "Locking livelock file " ++ show lockfile
logLater $ "Locking livelock file " ++ show lockfile
fd <- lockFile lockfile >>= annotateResult "Can't lock the livelock file"
logDebug "Sending the lockfile name to the master process"
logLater "Sending the lockfile name to the master process"
sendMsg s lockfile
logDebug "Waiting for the master process to confirm the lock"
logLater "Waiting for the master process to confirm the lock"
_ <- recvMsg s
-- close the client
logDebug "Closing the client"
logLater "Closing the client"
(clFdR, clFdW) <- clientToFd s
-- .. and use its file descriptors as stdin/out for the job process;
-- this way the job process can communicate with the master process
-- using stdin/out.
logDebug "Reconnecting the file descriptors to stdin/out"
logLater "Reconnecting the file descriptors to stdin/out"
_ <- dupTo clFdR stdInput
_ <- dupTo clFdW stdOutput
logDebug "Closing the old file descriptors"
logLater "Closing the old file descriptors"
closeFd clFdR
closeFd clFdW
fds <- (filter (> 2) . filter (/= fd)) <$> toErrorBase listOpenFds
logDebug $ "Closing every superfluous file descriptor: " ++ show fds
logLater $ "Closing every superfluous file descriptor: " ++ show fds
mapM_ (tryIOError . closeFd) fds
-- the master process will send the job id and the livelock file name
......@@ -150,7 +160,7 @@ runJobProcess jid s = withErrorLogAt CRITICAL (show jid) $
. M.fromList)
`liftM` getEnvironment
execPy <- P.jqueueExecutorPy
logDebug $ "Executing " ++ AC.pythonPath ++ " " ++ execPy
logLater $ "Executing " ++ AC.pythonPath ++ " " ++ execPy
++ " with PYTHONPATH=" ++ AC.versionedsharedir
() <- executeFile AC.pythonPath True [execPy, show (fromJobId jid)]
(Just $ M.toList env)
......@@ -182,17 +192,13 @@ forkJobProcess jid luxiLivelock update = do
logDebug $ "Setting the lockfile temporarily to " ++ luxiLivelock
update luxiLivelock
-- Due to some bug in GHC forking process, we want to retry,
-- if the forked process fails to start to communicate.
-- If it fails later on, the failure is handled by 'ResultT'
-- and no retry is performed.
resultOpt <- retryMaybeN 3 $ \_ -> do
ResultT . execWriterLogT . runResultT $ do
(pid, master) <- liftIO $ forkWithPipe connectConfig (runJobProcess jid)
let onError = do
logDebug "Closing the pipe to the client"
withErrorLogAt WARNING "Closing the communication pipe failed"
(liftIO (closeClient master)) `mplus` return ()
(liftIO (closeClient master)) `orElse` return ()
logDebug $ "Getting the status of job process "
++ show (fromJobId jid)
status <- liftIO $ getProcessStatus False True pid
......@@ -208,12 +214,10 @@ forkJobProcess jid luxiLivelock update = do
let recv = liftIO $ recvMsg master
send = liftIO . sendMsg master
logDebug "Getting the lockfile of the client"
-- If we fail to receive a message from the client, fail the MaybeT
-- computation here using `mzero` to retry.
lockfile <- recv `orElse` mzero
lockfile <- recv
logDebug $ "Setting the lockfile to the final " ++ lockfile
lift $ update lockfile
toErrorBase $ update lockfile
logDebug "Confirming the client it can start"
send ""
......@@ -230,5 +234,3 @@ forkJobProcess jid luxiLivelock update = do
send lockfile
return (lockfile, pid)
maybe (failError "The client process timed out repeatedly") return resultOpt
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