Commit db366d9a authored by Apollon Oikonomopoulos's avatar Apollon Oikonomopoulos Committed by Iustin Pop
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Shared storage instance failover

Modify LUFailoverInstance to enable shared storage instances to failover.
Shared storage instance failover requires either a target node or an
iallocator to determine the target node. If none is given, the cluster default
iallocator is used.

The hook environment variables {OLD,NEW}_SECONDARY will be blank for shared
storage instances.

Locking behaviour is the same as for instance migration.
Signed-off-by: default avatarApollon Oikonomopoulos <>
[ revert the DTS_NET_MIRROR specific changes]
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent aac4511a
......@@ -5704,14 +5704,35 @@ class LUInstanceFailover(LogicalUnit):
REQ_BGL = False
def CheckArguments(self):
"""Check the arguments.
self.iallocator = getattr(self.op, "iallocator", None)
self.target_node = getattr(self.op, "target_node", None)
_CheckIAllocatorOrNode(self, "iallocator", "target_node")
def ExpandNames(self):
if self.op.target_node is not None:
self.op.target_node = _ExpandNodeName(self.cfg, self.op.target_node)
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = []
self.recalculate_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = constants.LOCKS_REPLACE
def DeclareLocks(self, level):
if level == locking.LEVEL_NODE:
instance = self.context.cfg.GetInstanceInfo(self.op.instance_name)
if instance.disk_template in constants.DTS_EXT_MIRROR:
if self.op.target_node is None:
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = locking.ALL_SET
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = [instance.primary_node,
del self.recalculate_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE]
def BuildHooksEnv(self):
"""Build hooks env.
......@@ -5721,15 +5742,19 @@ class LUInstanceFailover(LogicalUnit):
instance = self.instance
source_node = instance.primary_node
target_node = instance.secondary_nodes[0]
env = {
"IGNORE_CONSISTENCY": self.op.ignore_consistency,
"SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT": self.op.shutdown_timeout,
"OLD_PRIMARY": source_node,
"OLD_SECONDARY": target_node,
"NEW_PRIMARY": target_node,
"NEW_SECONDARY": source_node,
"NEW_PRIMARY": self.op.target_node,
if instance.disk_template in constants.DTS_NET_MIRROR:
env["OLD_SECONDARY"] = instance.secondary_nodes[0]
env["NEW_SECONDARY"] = source_node
env["OLD_SECONDARY"] = env["NEW_SECONDARY"] = ""
env.update(_BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject(self, instance))
nl = [self.cfg.GetMasterNode()] + list(instance.secondary_nodes)
nl_post = list(nl)
......@@ -5747,19 +5772,39 @@ class LUInstanceFailover(LogicalUnit):
"Cannot retrieve locked instance %s" % self.op.instance_name
bep = self.cfg.GetClusterInfo().FillBE(instance)
if instance.disk_template not in constants.DTS_NET_MIRROR:
if instance.disk_template not in constants.DTS_MIRRORED:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Instance's disk layout is not"
" network mirrored, cannot failover.",
" mirrored, cannot failover.",
secondary_nodes = instance.secondary_nodes
if not secondary_nodes:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("no secondary node but using "
"a mirrored disk template")
if instance.disk_template in constants.DTS_EXT_MIRROR:
if self.op.iallocator:
# Release all unnecessary node locks
nodes_keep = [instance.primary_node, self.op.target_node]
nodes_rel = [node for node in self.acquired_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE]
if node not in nodes_keep]
self.context.glm.release(locking.LEVEL_NODE, nodes_rel)
self.acquired_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = nodes_keep
# self.op.target_node is already populated, either directly or by the
# iallocator run
target_node = self.op.target_node
secondary_nodes = instance.secondary_nodes
if not secondary_nodes:
raise errors.ConfigurationError("No secondary node but using"
" %s disk template" %
target_node = secondary_nodes[0]
target_node = secondary_nodes[0]
_CheckNodeOnline(self, target_node)
_CheckNodeNotDrained(self, target_node)
# Save target_node so that we can use it in BuildHooksEnv
self.op.target_node = target_node
if instance.admin_up:
# check memory requirements on the secondary node
_CheckNodeFreeMemory(self, target_node, "failing over instance %s" %
......@@ -5783,7 +5828,7 @@ class LUInstanceFailover(LogicalUnit):
primary_node = self.cfg.GetNodeInfo(instance.primary_node)
source_node = instance.primary_node
target_node = instance.secondary_nodes[0]
target_node = self.op.target_node
if instance.admin_up:
feedback_fn("* checking disk consistency between source and target")
......@@ -5842,6 +5887,35 @@ class LUInstanceFailover(LogicalUnit):
raise errors.OpExecError("Could not start instance %s on node %s: %s" %
(, target_node, msg))
def _RunAllocator(self):
"""Run the allocator based on input opcode.
ial = IAllocator(self.cfg, self.rpc,
# TODO See why hail breaks with a single node below
if not ial.success:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Can't compute nodes using"
" iallocator '%s': %s" %
if len(ial.result) != ial.required_nodes:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("iallocator '%s' returned invalid number"
" of nodes (%s), required %s" %
(self.op.iallocator, len(ial.result),
ial.required_nodes), errors.ECODE_FAULT)
self.op.target_node = ial.result[0]
self.LogInfo("Selected nodes for instance %s via iallocator %s: %s",, self.op.iallocator,
class LUInstanceMigrate(LogicalUnit):
"""Migrate an instance.
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