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'LUClusterSetParams' creates the instance communication net

Extend 'LUClusterSetParams' to create the user-supplied instance
communication network in case this network does not exist.  Note that
if the user-supplied network already exists, nothing needs to be done
as 'CheckPrereq' already checks this network's configuration.

With this patch, Ganeti will be able to create the instance
communication network automatically.  The following example shows the
command line options that instruct Ganeti to enable the instance
communication network and, if this network does not exist, then Ganeti
creates it.

  gnt-cluster modify --instance-communication-network=mynetwork

The instance communication network can be disabled by setting the
parameter to the empty string, for example:

  gnt-cluster modify --instance-communication-network=

This will not destroy the network itself or modify any running
instances.  This will have to be done manually.

In this patch:

* 'LUClusterSetParams._EnsureInstanceCommunicationNetwork' creates and
  connects to all groups the instance communication network by
  resorting the 'OpNetworkAdd' and 'OpNetworkConnect'.

* 'LUClusterSetParams.ModifyInstanceCommunicationNetwork' compares the
  previous configured 'instance_communication_network' with the
  user-supplied one and determines whether the opcodes is changing the
  configuration, which might require creating the instance
  communication network.

* Extend 'LUClusterSetParams.Exec' to call
  'ModifyInstanceCommunicationNetwork' and handle the user-supplied

* Because 'ClusterSetParams' now may return a list of jobs, the type
  of the opcode must be updated in 'Ganeti.OpCodes'.

* Add network related constants to 'Ganeti.Constants'.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJose A. Lopes <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
parent 11eeb1b9
......@@ -1360,6 +1360,133 @@ class LUClusterSetParams(LogicalUnit):
feedback_fn("Cluster DRBD helper already in desired state,"
" not changing")
def _EnsureInstanceCommunicationNetwork(cfg, network_name):
"""Ensure that the instance communication network exists and is
connected to all groups.
The instance communication network given by L{network_name} it is
created, if necessary, via the opcode 'OpNetworkAdd'. Also, the
instance communication network is connected to all existing node
groups, if necessary, via the opcode 'OpNetworkConnect'.
@type cfg: L{ganeti.config.ConfigWriter}
@param cfg: Ganeti configuration
@type network_name: string
@param network_name: instance communication network name
@rtype: L{ganeti.cmdlib.ResultWithJobs} or L{None}
@return: L{ganeti.cmdlib.ResultWithJobs} if the instance
communication needs to be created or it needs to be
connected to a group, otherwise L{None}
jobs = []
network_uuid = cfg.LookupNetwork(network_name)
network_exists = True
except errors.OpPrereqError:
network_exists = False
if not network_exists:
op = opcodes.OpNetworkAdd(
for group_uuid in cfg.GetNodeGroupList():
group = cfg.GetNodeGroup(group_uuid)
if network_exists:
network_connected = network_uuid in group.networks
# The network was created asynchronously by the previous
# opcode and, therefore, we don't have access to its
# network_uuid. As a result, we assume that the network is
# not connected to any group yet.
network_connected = False
if not network_connected:
op = opcodes.OpNetworkConnect(
if jobs:
return ResultWithJobs([jobs])
return None
def _ModifyInstanceCommunicationNetwork(cfg, cluster, network_name,
"""Update the instance communication network stored in the cluster
Compares the user-supplied instance communication network against
the one stored in the Ganeti cluster configuration. If there is a
change, the instance communication network may be possibly created
and connected to all groups (see
@type cfg: L{ganeti.config.ConfigWriter}
@param cfg: Ganeti configuration
@type cluster: L{ganeti.objects.Cluster}
@param cluster: Ganeti cluster
@type network_name: string
@param network_name: instance communication network name
@type feedback_fn: function
@param feedback_fn: see L{ganeti.cmdlist.base.LogicalUnit}
@rtype: L{LUClusterSetParams._EnsureInstanceCommunicationNetwork} or L{None}
@return: see L{LUClusterSetParams._EnsureInstanceCommunicationNetwork}
config_network_name = cfg.GetInstanceCommunicationNetwork()
if network_name == config_network_name:
feedback_fn("Instance communication network already is '%s', nothing to"
" do." % network_name)
feedback_fn("Previous instance communication network '%s'"
" should be removed manually." % config_network_name)
except errors.OpPrereqError:
if network_name:
feedback_fn("Changing instance communication network to '%s', only new"
" instances will be affected."
% network_name)
feedback_fn("Disabling instance communication network, only new"
" instances will be affected.")
cluster.instance_communication_network = network_name
if network_name:
return LUClusterSetParams._EnsureInstanceCommunicationNetwork(
return None
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Change the parameters of the cluster.
......@@ -1502,6 +1629,13 @@ class LUClusterSetParams(LogicalUnit):
result.Warn("Could not re-enable the master ip on the master,"
" please restart manually", self.LogWarning)
network_name = self.op.instance_communication_network
if network_name is not None:
return self._ModifyInstanceCommunicationNetwork(self.cfg, self.cluster,
network_name, feedback_fn)
return None
class LUClusterVerify(NoHooksLU):
"""Submits all jobs necessary to verify the cluster.
......@@ -4759,13 +4759,35 @@ glusterPortDefault :: Int
glusterPortDefault = 24007
-- * Instance communication
-- The instance communication attaches an additional NIC, named
-- @instanceCommunicationNicPrefix@:@instanceName@ and prefixed by
-- @instanceCommunicationMacPrefix@, to the instances that have
-- instance communication enabled. This NIC is part of the network
-- @instanceCommunicationNetworkName@, which is in turn created by
-- 'gnt-network'. This network is defined as
-- @instanceCommunicationNetwork4@ for IPv4 and
-- @instanceCommunicationNetwork6@ for IPv6.
instanceCommunicationDoc :: String
instanceCommunicationDoc =
"Enable or disable the communication mechanism for an instance"
instanceCommunicationNetwork :: String
instanceCommunicationNetwork = "ganeti:network:communication"
instanceCommunicationMacPrefix :: String
instanceCommunicationMacPrefix = "52:54:00"
-- | The instance communication network is a link-local IPv4/IPv6
-- network because the communication is meant to be exclusive between
-- the host and the guest and not routed outside the node.
instanceCommunicationNetwork4 :: String
instanceCommunicationNetwork4 = ""
-- | See 'instanceCommunicationNetwork4'.
instanceCommunicationNetwork6 :: String
instanceCommunicationNetwork6 = "fe80::/10"
instanceCommunicationNetworkLink :: String
instanceCommunicationNetworkLink = "communication_rt"
instanceCommunicationNicPrefix :: String
instanceCommunicationNicPrefix = "ganeti:communication:"
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ $(genOpCode "OpCode"
, ("OpClusterSetParams",
[t| () |],
[t| Either () JobIdListOnly |],
[ pForce
, pHvState
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