Commit cf692cd0 authored by Adeodato Simo's avatar Adeodato Simo Committed by Guido Trotter
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Cluster verify: don't assume we're verifying all nodes/instances

This commit fixes a few initial simple cases in which it was assumed that
we're always working over the whole cluster. With this change, we
differentiate between "nodes/instances to verify" and "checks that need
cluster-wide information".

In particular:

  - retrieve hypervisor parameters always from all instances
  - always specify full node list in NV_NODELIST
  - retrieve OOB path from all nodes
  - verify DRBD devices against the full set of instances (this ensures
    minors get properly verified even if an instance is split between groups)
  - look up node groups against the set of all nodes (to avoid tracebacks
    in case instances are split between groups)
  - determine whether running instances are unknown by checking against the
    full list of instances

Behavior in all cases stays the same if still running over the whole
Signed-off-by: default avatarAdeodato Simo <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent c711d09e
...@@ -2300,7 +2300,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit): ...@@ -2300,7 +2300,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
full_params = cluster.GetHVDefaults(hv_name, os_name=os_name) full_params = cluster.GetHVDefaults(hv_name, os_name=os_name)
hvp_data.append(("os %s" % os_name, hv_name, full_params)) hvp_data.append(("os %s" % os_name, hv_name, full_params))
# TODO: collapse identical parameter values in a single one # TODO: collapse identical parameter values in a single one
for instance in self.my_inst_info.values(): for instance in self.all_inst_info.values():
if not instance.hvparams: if not instance.hvparams:
continue continue
hvp_data.append(("instance %s" %, instance.hypervisor, hvp_data.append(("instance %s" %, instance.hypervisor,
...@@ -2314,7 +2314,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit): ...@@ -2314,7 +2314,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
utils.UniqueSequence(filename utils.UniqueSequence(filename
for files in filemap for files in filemap
for filename in files), for filename in files),
constants.NV_NODELIST: [ for node in node_data_list constants.NV_NODELIST: [ for node in self.all_node_info.values()
if not node.offline], if not node.offline],
constants.NV_HYPERVISOR: hypervisors, constants.NV_HYPERVISOR: hypervisors,
constants.NV_HVPARAMS: hvp_data, constants.NV_HVPARAMS: hvp_data,
...@@ -2363,7 +2363,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit): ...@@ -2363,7 +2363,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
# Gather OOB paths # Gather OOB paths
oob_paths = [] oob_paths = []
for node in node_data_list: for node in self.all_node_info.values():
path = _SupportsOob(self.cfg, node) path = _SupportsOob(self.cfg, node)
if path and path not in oob_paths: if path and path not in oob_paths:
oob_paths.append(path) oob_paths.append(path)
...@@ -2458,7 +2458,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit): ...@@ -2458,7 +2458,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
if nimg.vm_capable: if nimg.vm_capable:
self._VerifyNodeLVM(node_i, nresult, vg_name) self._VerifyNodeLVM(node_i, nresult, vg_name)
self._VerifyNodeDrbd(node_i, nresult, self.my_inst_info, drbd_helper, self._VerifyNodeDrbd(node_i, nresult, self.all_inst_info, drbd_helper,
all_drbd_map) all_drbd_map)
self._UpdateNodeVolumes(node_i, nresult, nimg, vg_name) self._UpdateNodeVolumes(node_i, nresult, nimg, vg_name)
...@@ -2510,7 +2510,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit): ...@@ -2510,7 +2510,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
instance_groups = {} instance_groups = {}
for node in instance_nodes: for node in instance_nodes:
instance_groups.setdefault(self.my_node_info[node].group, instance_groups.setdefault(self.all_node_info[node].group,
[]).append(node) []).append(node)
pretty_list = [ pretty_list = [
...@@ -2552,7 +2552,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit): ...@@ -2552,7 +2552,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
self._VerifyOrphanVolumes(node_vol_should, node_image, reserved) self._VerifyOrphanVolumes(node_vol_should, node_image, reserved)
feedback_fn("* Verifying orphan instances") feedback_fn("* Verifying orphan instances")
self._VerifyOrphanInstances(self.my_inst_names, node_image) self._VerifyOrphanInstances(set(self.all_inst_info.keys()), node_image)
if constants.VERIFY_NPLUSONE_MEM not in self.op.skip_checks: if constants.VERIFY_NPLUSONE_MEM not in self.op.skip_checks:
feedback_fn("* Verifying N+1 Memory redundancy") feedback_fn("* Verifying N+1 Memory redundancy")
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