Commit b845c8a1 authored by Andrea Spadaccini's avatar Andrea Spadaccini Committed by Guido Trotter
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Handle network interfaces without IPs

If the user specified a network interface with no IPs, he would receive
an unhelpful "list index out of range" error. Fixed that.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrea Spadaccini <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 11ae7a0a
......@@ -747,8 +747,11 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
elif addresses[constants.IP4_VERSION]:
spice_ip_version = constants.IP4_VERSION
elif addresses[constants.IP6_VERSION]:
spice_ip_version = constants.IP6_VERSION
raise errors.HypervisorError("spice: unable to get an IP address"
" for %s" % (spice_bind))
spice_address = addresses[spice_ip_version][0]
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