Commit b721dfd5 authored by Klaus Aehlig's avatar Klaus Aehlig

Update NEWS file

With the merge of stable-2.8 into stable-2.9, quite a few fixes
got inherited.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPetr Pudlak <>
parent 5a93930f
......@@ -11,6 +11,18 @@ Version 2.9.3
- Correctly recognise the role as master node (Issue 687)
- configure: allow detection of Sphinx 1.2+ (Issue 502)
Inherited from the 2.8 branch:
- Change the list separator for the usb_devices parameter from comma to space.
Commas could not work because they are already the hypervisor option
separator (Issue 649)
- Add support for blktap2 file-driver (Issue 638)
- Add network tag definitions to the haskell codebase (Issue 641)
- Fix RAPI network tag handling
- Add the network tags to the tags searched by gnt-cluster search-tags
- Fix caching bug preventing jobs from being cancelled
- Start-master/stop-master was always failing if ConfD was disabled. (Issue 685)
Version 2.9.2
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