Commit b5e61bfd authored by Hrvoje Ribicic's avatar Hrvoje Ribicic
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Introduce class for temporary disk creation

The instance zeroing requires that a virtual appliance capable of
performing it is used, and short of provisioning another VM, the best
Ganeti can do is reuse the virtualization environment of the instance.
To do this, a disk is needed to host the OS performing the zeroing, and
this patch introduces a utility function that temporarily creates one.

This disk is not meant to last, and almost all Ganeti checks will
scream and flail upon seeing it. This is intentional. It should not
survive any more than needed, and the context manager syntax should
enforce its use as such.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJose A. Lopes <>
parent 4986c93b
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ from ganeti.cmdlib.common import INSTANCE_DOWN, INSTANCE_NOT_RUNNING, \
AnnotateDiskParams, CheckIAllocatorOrNode, ExpandNodeUuidAndName, \
CheckNodeOnline, CheckInstanceNodeGroups, CheckInstanceState, \
IsExclusiveStorageEnabledNode, FindFaultyInstanceDisks, GetWantedNodes, \
CheckDiskTemplateEnabled, IsInstanceRunning
from ganeti.cmdlib.instance_utils import GetInstanceInfoText, \
CopyLockList, ReleaseLocks, CheckNodeVmCapable, \
BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject, CheckNodeNotDrained, CheckTargetNodeIPolicy
......@@ -2674,3 +2674,114 @@ class TLReplaceDisks(Tasklet):
if not self.early_release:, steps_total, "Removing old storage")
self._RemoveOldStorage(self.target_node_uuid, iv_names)
class TemporaryDisk():
""" Creates a new temporary bootable disk, and makes sure it is destroyed.
Is a context manager, and should be used with the ``with`` statement as such.
The disk is guaranteed to be created at index 0, shifting any other disks of
the instance by one place, and allowing the instance to be booted with the
content of the disk.
def __init__(self, lu, instance, size, feedback_fn,
""" Constructor storing arguments until used later.
@type lu: L{ganeti.cmdlib.base.LogicalUnit}
@param lu: The LU within which this disk is created.
@type instance: L{ganeti.objects.Instance}
@param instance: The instance to which the disk should be added
@type size: int
@param size: Size in MB
@type feedback_fn: function
@param feedback_fn: Function used to log progress
self._lu = lu
self._instance = instance
self._size = size
self._feedback_fn = feedback_fn
self._shutdown_timeout = shutdown_timeout
def _EnsureInstanceDiskState(self):
""" Ensures that the instance is down, and its disks inactive.
All the operations related to the creation and destruction of disks require
that the instance is down and that the disks are inactive. This function is
invoked to make it so.
# The instance needs to be down before any of these actions occur
# Whether it is must be checked manually through a RPC - configuration
# reflects only the desired state
if IsInstanceRunning(self._lu, self._instance):
self._feedback_fn("Shutting down instance")
result = self._lu.rpc.call_instance_shutdown(self._instance.primary_node,
result.Raise("Shutdown of instance %s while removing temporary disk "
"failed" %
# Disks need to be deactivated prior to being removed
# The disks_active configuration entry should match the actual state
if self._instance.disks_active:
self._feedback_fn("Deactivating disks")
ShutdownInstanceDisks(self._lu, self._instance)
def __enter__(self):
""" Context manager entry function, creating the disk.
@rtype: L{ganeti.objects.Disk}
@return: The disk object created.
# The iv_name of the disk intentionally diverges from Ganeti's standards, as
# this disk should be very temporary and its presence should be reported.
# With the special iv_name, gnt-cluster verify detects the disk and warns
# the user of its presence. Removing the disk restores the instance to its
# proper state, despite an error that appears when the removal is performed.
new_disk = objects.Disk()
new_disk.dev_type = constants.DT_PLAIN
new_disk.iv_name = "disk/-"
new_disk.mode = constants.DISK_RDWR
new_disk.uuid = "temporary-disk-%s" % self._instance.uuid
new_disk.logical_id = (self._lu.cfg.GetVGName(), new_disk.uuid)
new_disk.params = {}
new_disk.size = self._size
self._feedback_fn("Attempting to create temporary disk")
self._undoing_info = CreateDisks(self._lu, self._instance, disks=[new_disk])
self._instance.disks.insert(0, new_disk)
self._feedback_fn("Temporary disk created")
return new_disk
def __exit__(self, exc_type, _value, _traceback):
""" Context manager exit function, destroying the disk.
if exc_type:
self._feedback_fn("Exception raised, cleaning up temporary disk")
self._feedback_fn("Regular cleanup of temporary disk")
_UndoCreateDisks(self._lu, self._undoing_info, self._instance)
self._feedback_fn("Temporary disk removed")
self._feedback_fn("Disk cleanup failed; it will have to be removed "
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