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Adding more details to gnt-node man-page

This adds some recently added flags to the man-page of gnt-node command.
It also describes their purpose and handling.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRené Nussbaumer <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent fed67843
......@@ -601,11 +601,25 @@ node.
**power** on|off|cycle|status {*node*}
**power** [``--force``] [``--ignore-status``] [``--all``]
on|off|cycle|status [*nodes*]
This commands calls out to out-of-band management to change the power
state of given node. With ``status`` you get the power status as reported
by the out-of-band managment script.
by the out-of-band management script.
Using ``--force`` you skip the confirmation to do the operation. Currently this
only has effect on ``off`` and ``cycle``. On those two you can *not* operate on
the master. However, the command will provide you with the command to invoke to
operate on the master nerver-mind. This is considered harmful and Ganeti does
not support the use of it.
Providing ``--ignore-status`` will ignore the offline=N state of a node and
continue with power off.
*nodes* are optional. If not provided it will call out for every node in the
cluster. Except for the ``off`` and ``cycle`` command where you've to explicit
use ``-all`` to select all.
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