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Add a man page for hsqueeze

Describe the current state of the Ganeti dynamic power management
tool, hsqueeze, in a man page.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichele Tartara <>
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......@@ -1210,6 +1210,7 @@ man_MANS = \
man/hinfo.1 \
man/hscan.1 \
man/hspace.1 \
man/hsqueeze.1 \
man/hroller.1 \
man/htools.1 \
hsqueeze \- Dynamic power management
**hsqueeze** {backend options...} [algorithm options...] [reporting options...]
**hsqueeze** \--version
Backend options:
{ **-L[** *path* **]** | **-t** *data-file* }
Algorithm options:
**[ \--target-resources=*factor* ]**
Reporting options:
**[ -S *file* ]**
hsqueeze does dynamic power management, by powering up or shutting down nodes,
depending on the current load of the cluster. Currently, only suggesting nodes
to be powered off is implemented.
hsqueeze considers all online non-master nodes with only externally mirrored
instances as candidates for being taken offline. These nodes are iteratively,
starting from the node with the least number of instances, added to the set
of nodes to be put offline, if possible. A set of nodes is considered as suitable
for being taken offline, if, after marking these nodes as offline, balancing the
cluster by the algorithm used by **hbal**\(1) yields a situation where all instances
are located on online nodes, and each node has at least the target resources free
for new instances.
-L [*path*]
Backend specification: collect data directly from the master daemon,
which is to be contacted via LUXI (an internal Ganeti protocol). The
option is described in the man page **htools**\(1).
-S *filename*, \--save-cluster=*filename*
If given, the state of the cluster before the squeezing is saved to
the given file plus the extension "original"
(i.e. *filename*.original), and the state at the end of the
squeezing operation is saved to the given file plus the extension "squeezed"
(i.e. *filename*.squeezed).
-t *datafile*, \--text-data=*datafile*
Backend specification: the name of the file holding node and instance
information (if not collecting LUXI). This or one of the
other backends must be selected. The option is described in the man
page **htools**\(1).
Specify the amount of resources to remain free on any node after squeezing.
The value is reported a multiple of the standard instance specification, as
taken from the instance policy.
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