Commit 922a9e65 authored by Thomas Thrainer's avatar Thomas Thrainer
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Wait for disk sync when adding a disk

When creating an instance, gnt-instance waits for instance disks to
sync. Inconsistently, this was not the case for adding a disk to an
instance. This patch changes the default behavior to wait for sync when
adding a disk, but honor the --no-wait-for-sync option which
`gnt-instance modify` already supports.

Also adapt unit tests to mock the additional RPC call.
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Thrainer <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJose A. Lopes <>
parent 42e85303
......@@ -2136,7 +2136,8 @@ def GetItemFromContainer(identifier, kind, container):
def _ApplyContainerMods(kind, container, chgdesc, mods,
create_fn, modify_fn, remove_fn):
create_fn, modify_fn, remove_fn,
"""Applies descriptions in C{mods} to C{container}.
@type kind: string
......@@ -2160,6 +2161,10 @@ def _ApplyContainerMods(kind, container, chgdesc, mods,
@type remove_fn: callable
@param remove_fn: Callback on removing item; receives absolute item index,
item and private data object as added by L{_PrepareContainerMods}
@type post_add_fn: callable
@param post_add_fn: Callable for post-processing a newly created item after
it has been put into the container. It receives the index of the new item
and the new item as parameters.
for (op, identifier, params, private) in mods:
......@@ -2196,6 +2201,10 @@ def _ApplyContainerMods(kind, container, chgdesc, mods,
assert idx <= len(container)
# list.insert does so before the specified index
container.insert(idx, item)
if post_add_fn is not None:
post_add_fn(addidx, item)
# Retrieve existing item
(absidx, item) = GetItemFromContainer(identifier, kind, container)
......@@ -3229,6 +3238,12 @@ class LUInstanceSetParams(LogicalUnit):
("disk/%d" % idx, "add:size=%s,mode=%s" % (disk.size, disk.mode)),
def _PostAddDisk(self, _, disk):
if not WaitForSync(self, self.instance, disks=[disk],
oneshot=not self.op.wait_for_sync):
raise errors.OpExecError("Failed to sync disks of %s" %
def _ModifyDisk(idx, disk, params, _):
"""Modifies a disk.
......@@ -3345,7 +3360,7 @@ class LUInstanceSetParams(LogicalUnit):
# Apply disk changes
_ApplyContainerMods("disk", self.instance.disks, result, self.diskmod,
self._CreateNewDisk, self._ModifyDisk,
self._RemoveDisk, post_add_fn=self._PostAddDisk)
_UpdateIvNames(0, self.instance.disks)
if self.op.disk_template:
......@@ -1780,6 +1780,10 @@ class TestLUInstanceSetParams(CmdlibTestCase):
self.RpcResultsBuilder() \
.CreateSuccessfulNodeResult(self.master, True)
self.rpc.call_blockdev_getmirrorstatus.side_effect = \
lambda node, _: self.RpcResultsBuilder() \
.CreateSuccessfulNodeResult(node, [])
def testNoChanges(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "No changes submitted")
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