Commit 843094ad authored by Thomas Thrainer's avatar Thomas Thrainer
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Make names more descriptive

LUGroupVerifyDisks had some not very descriptive names which made it
hard to read and understand the code. This patch renames some methods
and variables to make it more readable.

Also, the return type of MapInstanceLvsToNodes was changed to contain
Instance objects instead of instance names. This enables easier
processing of the result.
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Thrainer <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent bfbef99b
......@@ -907,14 +907,15 @@ def _SetOpEarlyRelease(early_release, op):
return op
def MapInstanceDisksToNodes(instances):
def MapInstanceLvsToNodes(instances):
"""Creates a map from (node, volume) to instance name.
@type instances: list of L{objects.Instance}
@rtype: dict; tuple of (node uuid, volume name) as key, instance name as value
@rtype: dict; tuple of (node uuid, volume name) as key, L{objects.Instance}
object as value
return dict(((node_uuid, vol),
return dict(((node_uuid, vol), inst)
for inst in instances
for (node_uuid, vols) in inst.MapLVsByNode().items()
for vol in vols)
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ from ganeti.cmdlib.common import MergeAndVerifyHvState, \
MergeAndVerifyDiskState, GetWantedNodes, GetUpdatedParams, \
CheckNodeGroupInstances, GetUpdatedIPolicy, \
ComputeNewInstanceViolations, GetDefaultIAllocator, ShareAll, \
CheckInstancesNodeGroups, LoadNodeEvacResult, MapInstanceDisksToNodes
CheckInstancesNodeGroups, LoadNodeEvacResult, MapInstanceLvsToNodes
import ganeti.masterd.instance
......@@ -911,14 +911,14 @@ class LUGroupVerifyDisks(NoHooksLU):
missing volumes
res_nodes = {}
res_instances = set()
res_missing = {}
node_errors = {}
offline_lv_instance_names = set()
missing_lvs = {}
nv_dict = MapInstanceDisksToNodes(
node_lv_to_inst = MapInstanceLvsToNodes(
[inst for inst in self.instances.values() if inst.disks_active])
if nv_dict:
if node_lv_to_inst:
node_uuids = utils.NiceSort(set(self.owned_locks(locking.LEVEL_NODE)) &
......@@ -932,17 +932,17 @@ class LUGroupVerifyDisks(NoHooksLU):
if msg:
logging.warning("Error enumerating LVs on node %s: %s",
self.cfg.GetNodeName(node_uuid), msg)
res_nodes[node_uuid] = msg
node_errors[node_uuid] = msg
for lv_name, (_, _, lv_online) in node_res.payload.items():
inst = nv_dict.pop((node_uuid, lv_name), None)
if not (lv_online or inst is None):
inst = node_lv_to_inst.pop((node_uuid, lv_name), None)
if not lv_online and inst is not None:
# any leftover items in nv_dict are missing LVs, let's arrange the data
# better
for key, inst in nv_dict.iteritems():
res_missing.setdefault(inst, []).append(list(key))
for key, inst in node_lv_to_inst.iteritems():
missing_lvs.setdefault(, []).append(list(key))
return (res_nodes, list(res_instances), res_missing)
return (node_errors, list(offline_lv_instance_names), missing_lvs)
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ from ganeti.cmdlib.common import CheckParamsNotGlobal, \
RedistributeAncillaryFiles, ExpandNodeUuidAndName, ShareAll, SupportsOob, \
CheckInstanceState, INSTANCE_DOWN, GetUpdatedParams, \
AdjustCandidatePool, CheckIAllocatorOrNode, LoadNodeEvacResult, \
GetWantedNodes, MapInstanceDisksToNodes, RunPostHook, \
GetWantedNodes, MapInstanceLvsToNodes, RunPostHook, \
......@@ -1316,7 +1316,7 @@ class LUNodeQueryvols(NoHooksLU):
volumes = self.rpc.call_node_volumes(node_uuids)
ilist = self.cfg.GetAllInstancesInfo()
vol2inst = MapInstanceDisksToNodes(ilist.values())
vol2inst = MapInstanceLvsToNodes(ilist.values())
output = []
for node_uuid in node_uuids:
......@@ -1346,7 +1346,12 @@ class LUNodeQueryvols(NoHooksLU):
elif field == "size":
val = int(float(vol["size"]))
elif field == "instance":
val = vol2inst.get((node_uuid, vol["vg"] + "/" + vol["name"]), "-")
inst = vol2inst.get((node_uuid, vol["vg"] + "/" + vol["name"]),
if inst is not None:
val =
val = "-"
raise errors.ParameterError(field)
......@@ -1108,32 +1108,38 @@ class Instance(TaggableObject):
all_nodes = property(_ComputeAllNodes, None, None,
"List of names of all the nodes of the instance")
def MapLVsByNode(self, lvmap=None, devs=None, node=None):
def MapLVsByNode(self, lvmap=None, devs=None, node_uuid=None):
"""Provide a mapping of nodes to LVs this instance owns.
This function figures out what logical volumes should belong on
which nodes, recursing through a device tree.
@type lvmap: dict
@param lvmap: optional dictionary to receive the
'node' : ['lv', ...] data.
@type devs: list of L{Disk}
@param devs: disks to get the LV name for. If None, all disk of this
instance are used.
@type node_uuid: string
@param node_uuid: UUID of the node to get the LV names for. If None, the
primary node of this instance is used.
@return: None if lvmap arg is given, otherwise, a dictionary of
the form { 'node_uuid' : ['volume1', 'volume2', ...], ... };
volumeN is of the form "vg_name/lv_name", compatible with
if node is None:
node = self.primary_node
if node_uuid is None:
node_uuid = self.primary_node
if lvmap is None:
lvmap = {
node: [],
node_uuid: [],
ret = lvmap
if not node in lvmap:
lvmap[node] = []
if not node_uuid in lvmap:
lvmap[node_uuid] = []
ret = None
if not devs:
......@@ -1141,7 +1147,7 @@ class Instance(TaggableObject):
for dev in devs:
if dev.dev_type == constants.LD_LV:
lvmap[node].append(dev.logical_id[0] + "/" + dev.logical_id[1])
lvmap[node_uuid].append(dev.logical_id[0] + "/" + dev.logical_id[1])
elif dev.dev_type in constants.LDS_DRBD:
if dev.children:
......@@ -1149,7 +1155,7 @@ class Instance(TaggableObject):
self.MapLVsByNode(lvmap, dev.children, dev.logical_id[1])
elif dev.children:
self.MapLVsByNode(lvmap, dev.children, node)
self.MapLVsByNode(lvmap, dev.children, node_uuid)
return ret
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