Commit 824d2357 authored by Helga Velroyen's avatar Helga Velroyen
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Fix "existing" typos

This patch fixes the wording of a couple of messages,
including two typos of the word 'existing'.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <>
parent 715a89c2
......@@ -1318,7 +1318,7 @@ def SetInstanceParams(opts, args):
for action, _, __ in nics:
if action == constants.DDM_MODIFY and opts.hotplug and not opts.force:
usertext = ("You are about to hot-modify a NIC. This will be done"
" by removing the exisiting and then adding a new one."
" by removing the existing NIC and then adding a new one."
" Network connection might be lost. Continue?")
if not AskUser(usertext):
return 1
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ def _CheckFileStoragePathExistance(path):
if not os.path.isdir(path):
raise errors.FileStoragePathError("Path '%s' is not existing or not a"
raise errors.FileStoragePathError("Path '%s' does not exist or is not a"
" directory." % path)
if not os.access(path, os.W_OK):
raise errors.FileStoragePathError("Path '%s' is not writable" % path)
......@@ -212,6 +212,6 @@ def CheckFileStoragePath(
except errors.FileStoragePathError as e:
return str(e)
if not os.path.isdir(path):
return "Path '%s' is not exisiting or not a directory." % path
return "Path '%s' is not existing or not a directory." % path
if not os.access(path, os.W_OK):
return "Path '%s' is not writable" % path
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