Commit 819358e1 authored by Dato Simó's avatar Dato Simó

design-autorepair.rst: add a graph with state transitions

The graph added here follows the data types introduced in 7ec2f76b, by which
"Suspended" is not a state, but a possible value of the auto-repair policy.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDato Simó <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 7ec2f76b
......@@ -252,6 +252,65 @@ and safe to turn back to the normal autorepair system.
temporarily) to mark the instance as "not touch" when we think a human
needs to look at it. To be decided).
A graph with the possible transitions follows; note that in the graph,
following the implementation, the two ``Needs repair`` states have been
coalesced into one; and the ``Suspended`` state disapears, for it
becames an attribute of the instance object (its auto-repair policy).
.. digraph:: "auto-repair-states"
node [shape=circle, style=filled, fillcolor="#BEDEF1",
width=2, fixedsize=true];
healthy [label="Healthy"];
needsrep [label="Needs repair"];
pendrep [label="Pending repair"];
failed [label="Failed repair"];
disabled [label="(no state)", width=1.25];
{rank=same; needsrep}
{rank=same; healthy}
{rank=same; pendrep}
{rank=same; failed}
{rank=same; disabled}
// These nodes are needed to be the "origin" of the "initial state" arrows.
node [width=.5, label="", style=invis];
edge [fontsize=10, fontname="Arial Bold", fontcolor=blue]
inih -> healthy [label="No tags or\nresult:success"];
inip -> pendrep [label="Tag:\nautorepair:pending"];
inif -> failed [label="Tag:\nresult:failure"];
inix -> disabled [fontcolor=black, label="ArNotEnabled"];
edge [fontcolor="orange"];
healthy -> healthy [label="No problems\ndetected"];
healthy -> needsrep [
label="Brokeness\ndetected in\nfirst half of\nthe tool run"];
pendrep -> healthy [
label="All jobs\ncompleted\nsuccessfully /\ninstance healthy"];
pendrep -> failed [label="Some job(s)\nfailed"];
edge [fontcolor="red"];
needsrep -> pendrep [
label="Repair\nallowed and\ninitial job(s)\nsubmitted"];
needsrep -> needsrep [
label="Repairs suspended\n(no-op) or enabled\nbut not powerful enough\n(result: enoperm)"];
pendrep -> pendrep [label="More jobs\nsubmitted"];
Repair operation
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