Commit 7c58bd7e authored by Klaus Aehlig's avatar Klaus Aehlig

Only check header for non-generated files

For generated files, it is enough to check the headers of the
files they are generated from. Moreover, the generated files
have the shebang-line of the target system, which might be
different from the generic one checked for.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarNiklas Hambuechen <>
parent d6b695ce
......@@ -2048,7 +2048,8 @@ check-news:
.PHONY: check-local
check-local: check-dirs check-news $(GENERATED_FILES)
$(CHECK_PYTHON_CODE) $(check_python_code)
PYTHONPATH=. $(CHECK_HEADER) $(check_python_code)
$(filter-out $(GENERATED_FILES),$(check_python_code))
$(CHECK_VERSION) $(VERSION) $(top_srcdir)/NEWS
PYTHONPATH=. $(RUN_IN_TEMPDIR) $(CURDIR)/$(CHECK_IMPORTS) . $(standalone_python_modules)
error= ; \
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