Commit 7a151789 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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Allow kvm hypervisor in gnt-cluster init

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent eb58f9b1
...@@ -350,8 +350,9 @@ commands = { ...@@ -350,8 +350,9 @@ commands = {
metavar="ADDRESS", default=None), metavar="ADDRESS", default=None),
make_option("-t", "--hypervisor-type", dest="hypervisor_type", make_option("-t", "--hypervisor-type", dest="hypervisor_type",
help="Specify the hypervisor type " help="Specify the hypervisor type "
"(xen-3.0, fake, xen-hvm-3.1)", "(xen-3.0, kvm, fake, xen-hvm-3.1)",
metavar="TYPE", choices=["xen-3.0", metavar="TYPE", choices=["xen-3.0",
"fake", "fake",
"xen-hvm-3.1"], "xen-hvm-3.1"],
default="xen-3.0",), default="xen-3.0",),
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