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Change the watcher to use jobs instead of queries

As per the mailing list discussion, this patch changes the watcher to
use a single job (two opcodes) for getting the cluster state (node list
and instance list); it will then compute the needed actions based on
this data.

The patch also archives this job and the verify-disks job.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 7dd106d3
......@@ -225,45 +225,42 @@ class Instance(object):
cli.SubmitOpCode(op, cl=client)
def GetInstanceList(with_secondaries=None):
def GetClusterData():
"""Get a list of instances on this cluster.
fields = ["name", "status", "admin_state"]
op1_fields = ["name", "status", "admin_state", "snodes"]
op1 = opcodes.OpQueryInstances(output_fields=op1_fields, names=[],
op2_fields = ["name", "bootid", "offline"]
op2 = opcodes.OpQueryNodes(output_fields=op2_fields, names=[],
if with_secondaries is not None:
job_id = client.SubmitJob([op1, op2])
result = client.QueryInstances([], fields, True)
all_results = cli.PollJob(job_id, cl=client, feedback_fn=logging.debug)
instances = []
result = all_results[0]
smap = {}
instances = {}
for fields in result:
if with_secondaries is not None:
(name, status, autostart, snodes) = fields
if not snodes:
for node in with_secondaries:
if node in snodes:
(name, status, autostart) = fields
# update the secondary node map
for node in snodes:
if node not in smap:
smap[node] = []
instances.append(Instance(name, status, autostart))
instances[name] = Instance(name, status, autostart)
return instances
nodes = dict([(name, (bootid, offline))
for name, bootid, offline in all_results[1]])
def GetNodeBootIDs():
"""Get a dict mapping nodes to boot IDs.
result = client.QueryNodes([], ["name", "bootid", "offline"], True)
return dict([(name, (bootid, offline)) for name, bootid, offline in result])
return instances, nodes, smap
class Watcher(object):
......@@ -279,8 +276,7 @@ class Watcher(object):
master = client.QueryConfigValues(["master_node"])[0]
if master != utils.HostInfo().name:
raise NotMasterError("This is not the master node")
self.instances = GetInstanceList()
self.bootids = GetNodeBootIDs()
self.instances, self.bootids, self.smap = GetClusterData()
self.started_instances = set()
self.opts = opts
......@@ -321,7 +317,11 @@ class Watcher(object):
if check_nodes:
# Activate disks for all instances with any of the checked nodes as a
# secondary node.
for instance in GetInstanceList(with_secondaries=check_nodes):
for node in check_nodes:
if node not in self.smap:
for instance_name in self.smap[node]:
instance = self.instances[instance_name]
if not instance.autostart:"Skipping disk activation for non-autostart"
" instance %s"),
......@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@ class Watcher(object):
"""Make a pass over the list of instances, restarting downed ones.
for instance in self.instances:
for instance in self.instances.values():
if instance.state in BAD_STATES:
n = notepad.NumberOfRestartAttempts(instance)
......@@ -383,7 +383,9 @@ class Watcher(object):
op = opcodes.OpVerifyDisks()
result = cli.SubmitOpCode(op, cl=client)
job_id = client.SubmitJob([op])
result = cli.PollJob(job_id, cl=client, feedback_fn=logging.debug)[0]
if not isinstance(result, (tuple, list)):
logging.error("Can't get a valid result from verify-disks")
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