Commit 6c0af70e authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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Convert ImportOSIntoInstance to OS API 10

- Change ImportOSIntoInstance not to get any "os_disk" and "swap_disk"
  arguments but to accept multiple target images to import, and to
  return a list of booleans with the result of each import
- Change the relevant rpc call and the only caller to conform
- Pass arguments to the import script through the environment
- Run one import os script for each disk image, passing an IMPORT_DEVICE

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent 0607699d
......@@ -338,10 +338,10 @@ class NodeHttpServer(http.HttpServer):
"""Run the import function of an OS onto a given instance.
inst_s, os_disk, swap_disk, src_node, src_image, cluster_name = params
inst_s, src_node, src_images, cluster_name = params
inst = objects.Instance.FromDict(inst_s)
return backend.ImportOSIntoInstance(inst, os_disk, swap_disk,
src_node, src_image, cluster_name)
return backend.ImportOSIntoInstance(inst, src_node, src_images,
def perspective_instance_shutdown(params):
......@@ -1477,77 +1477,52 @@ def ExportInfo(dest):
return config
def ImportOSIntoInstance(instance, os_disk, swap_disk, src_node, src_image,
def ImportOSIntoInstance(instance, src_node, src_images, cluster_name):
"""Import an os image into an instance.
instance: the instance object
os_disk: the instance-visible name of the os device
swap_disk: the instance-visible name of the swap device
src_node: node holding the source image
src_image: path to the source image on src_node
False in case of error, True otherwise.
@type instance: L{objects.instance}
@param instance: instance to import the disks into
@type src_node: string
@param src_node: source node for the disk images
@type src_images: list of string
@param src_images: absolute paths of the disk images
@rtype: list of boolean
@return: each boolean represent the success of importing the n-th disk
# TODO(ultrotter): Import/Export still to be converted to OS API 10
logging.error("Import/Export still to be converted to OS API 10")
return False
import_env = OSEnvironment(instance)
inst_os = OSFromDisk(instance.os)
import_script = inst_os.import_script
os_device = instance.FindDisk(os_disk)
if os_device is None:
logging.error("Can't find this device-visible name '%s'", os_disk)
return False
swap_device = instance.FindDisk(swap_disk)
if swap_device is None:
logging.error("Can't find this device-visible name '%s'", swap_disk)
return False
real_os_dev = _RecursiveFindBD(os_device)
if real_os_dev is None:
raise errors.BlockDeviceError("Block device '%s' is not set up" %
real_swap_dev = _RecursiveFindBD(swap_device)
if real_swap_dev is None:
raise errors.BlockDeviceError("Block device '%s' is not set up" %
logfile = "%s/import-%s-%s-%s.log" % (constants.LOG_OS_DIR, instance.os,, int(time.time()))
if not os.path.exists(constants.LOG_OS_DIR):
os.mkdir(constants.LOG_OS_DIR, 0750)
destcmd = utils.BuildShellCmd('cat %s', src_image)
remotecmd = _GetSshRunner(cluster_name).BuildCmd(src_node,
comprcmd = "gunzip"
impcmd = utils.BuildShellCmd("(cd %s; %s -i %s -b %s -s %s &>%s)",
inst_os.path, import_script,,
real_os_dev.dev_path, real_swap_dev.dev_path,
impcmd = utils.BuildShellCmd("(cd %s; %s &>%s)", inst_os.path, import_script,
command = '|'.join([utils.ShellQuoteArgs(remotecmd), comprcmd, impcmd])
env = {'HYPERVISOR': instance.hypervisor}
result = utils.RunCmd(command, env=env)
if result.failed:
logging.error("os import command '%s' returned error: %s"
" output: %s", command, result.fail_reason, result.output)
return False
final_result = []
for idx, image in enumerate(src_images):
if image:
destcmd = utils.BuildShellCmd('cat %s', image)
remotecmd = _GetSshRunner(cluster_name).BuildCmd(src_node,
command = '|'.join([utils.ShellQuoteArgs(remotecmd), comprcmd, impcmd])
import_env['IMPORT_DEVICE'] = import_env['DISK_%d_PATH' % idx]
result = utils.RunCmd(command, env=import_env)
if result.failed:
logging.error("disk import command '%s' returned error: %s"
" output: %s", command, result.fail_reason, result.output)
return True
return final_result
def ListExports():
......@@ -3701,10 +3701,11 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
src_node = self.op.src_node
src_image = self.src_image
cluster_name = self.cfg.GetClusterName()
if not self.rpc.call_instance_os_import(pnode_name, iobj, "sda", "sdb",
src_node, src_image,
raise errors.OpExecError("Could not import os for instance"
import_result = self.rpc.call_instance_os_import(pnode_name, iobj,
src_node, [src_image],
if import_result[0]:
raise errors.OpExecError("Could not import disks for instance"
" %s on node %s" %
(instance, pnode_name))
......@@ -831,15 +831,14 @@ class RpcRunner(object):
return result
return objects.SerializableConfigParser.Loads(str(result))
def call_instance_os_import(self, node, inst, osdev, swapdev,
src_node, src_image, cluster_name):
def call_instance_os_import(self, node, inst, src_node, src_images,
"""Request the import of a backup into an instance.
This is a single-node call.
params = [self._InstDict(inst), osdev, swapdev,
src_node, src_image, cluster_name]
params = [self._InstDict(inst), src_node, src_images, cluster_name]
c = Client("instance_os_import", params)
self._ConnectNode(c, node)
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