Commit 67b44636 authored by Lisa Velden's avatar Lisa Velden

Use correct path for job file inspection

Determine the job file path with qa_utils.MakeNodePath, so that we
get the correct path, even for vcluster.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Velden <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent 70efca11
......@@ -1517,7 +1517,7 @@ def TestInstanceCommunication(instance, master):
print result_output
def _TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(cmd, secret_keys):
def _TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(node, cmd, secret_keys):
"""Tests redaction of secret os parameters
......@@ -1525,7 +1525,8 @@ def _TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(cmd, secret_keys):
debug_delay_id = int(stdout_of(["gnt-debug", "delay", "--print-jobid",
"--submit", "300"]))
cmd_jid = int(stdout_of(cmd))
job_file = "/var/lib/ganeti/queue/job-%s" % cmd_jid
job_file_abspath = "%s/job-%s" % (pathutils.QUEUE_DIR, cmd_jid)
job_file = qa_utils.MakeNodePath(node, job_file_abspath)
for k in secret_keys:
grep_cmd = ["grep", "\"%s\":\"<redacted>\"" % k, job_file]
......@@ -1543,7 +1544,7 @@ def TestInstanceAddOsParams():
if not qa_config.IsTemplateSupported(constants.DT_PLAIN):
pnode = qa_config.AcquireNode()
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
instance = qa_config.AcquireInstance()
secret_keys = ["param1", "param2"]
......@@ -1552,26 +1553,26 @@ def TestInstanceAddOsParams():
"--disk-template=%s" % constants.DT_PLAIN,
"--node=%s" % pnode.primary] +
"--node=%s" % master.primary] +
GetGenericAddParameters(instance, constants.DT_PLAIN))
_TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(cmd, secret_keys)
_TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(master.primary, cmd, secret_keys)
def TestSecretOsParams():
"""Tests secret os parameter transmission"""
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
secret_keys = ["param1", "param2"]
cmd = (["gnt-debug", "test-osparams", "--os-parameters-secret",
"param1=secret1,param2=secret2", "--submit", "--print-jobid"])
_TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(cmd, secret_keys)
_TestRedactionOfSecretOsParams(master.primary, cmd, secret_keys)
cmd_output = stdout_of(["gnt-debug", "test-osparams",
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