Commit 56bcd3f4 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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Second part of the OS search path cleanup

Abstract the _OSSearch function, to look for an OS in the search path
Make OSFromDisk accept an optional base_dir, rather than the os_dir itself

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent c26dabd7
......@@ -881,6 +881,27 @@ def _ErrnoOrStr(err):
detail = str(err)
return detail
def _OSSearch(name, search_path=None):
"""Search for OSes with the given name in the search_path.
name: The name of the OS to look for
search_path: List of dirs to search (defaults to constants.OS_SEARCH_PATH)
The base_dir the OS resides in
if search_path is None:
search_path = constants.OS_SEARCH_PATH
for dir in search_path:
t_os_dir = os.path.sep.join([dir, name])
if os.path.isdir(t_os_dir):
return dir
return None
def _OSOndiskVersion(name, os_dir):
"""Compute and return the api version of a given OS.
......@@ -950,7 +971,7 @@ def DiagnoseOS(top_dirs=None):
for name in f_names:
os_inst = OSFromDisk(name, os_dir=os.path.sep.join([dir, name]))
os_inst = OSFromDisk(name, base_dir=dir)
except errors.InvalidOS, err:
......@@ -958,7 +979,7 @@ def DiagnoseOS(top_dirs=None):
return result
def OSFromDisk(name, os_dir=None):
def OSFromDisk(name, base_dir=None):
"""Create an OS instance from disk.
This function will return an OS instance if the given name is a
......@@ -972,16 +993,16 @@ def OSFromDisk(name, os_dir=None):
if os_dir is None:
for base_dir in constants.OS_SEARCH_PATH:
t_os_dir = os.path.sep.join([base_dir, name])
if os.path.isdir(t_os_dir):
os_dir = t_os_dir
if base_dir is None:
base_dir = _OSSearch(name)
if not os.path.isdir(os.path.sep.join([base_dir, name])):
raise errors.InvalidOS(name, "OS not found in base dir %s" % base_dir)
if os_dir is None:
if base_dir is None:
raise errors.InvalidOS(name, "OS dir not found in search path")
os_dir = os.path.sep.join([base_dir, name])
api_version = _OSOndiskVersion(name, os_dir)
if api_version != constants.OS_API_VERSION:
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