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hbal: change handling of signal

Currently, hbal does a one-two signal handling, where the first signal
causes graceful termination, and the second one an immediate on (either
SIGINT or SIGTERM can be used, interchangeably). However, this poses a
timing problem: if two programs want to send a graceful termination
request, they cannot do that without careful coordination.

To fix this, we change to code to handle the signal separately: SIGINT
(^C) sends graceful termination, while SIGTERM sends immediate
termination. This should allow easier controlling of hbal.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBalazs Lecz <>
parent 306cccd5
......@@ -189,22 +189,26 @@ execJobSet master nl il cref alljss@(js:jss) = do
show x
hPutStrLn stderr "Aborting.")
-- | Signal handler
handleSig :: IORef Int -> IO ()
handleSig cref = do
cnt <- atomicModifyIORef cref (\x -> let y = x + 1
in (y, y))
when (cnt > 1) $ do
putStrLn "Double cancel request, exiting now..."
exitImmediately $ ExitFailure 1
when (cnt > 0) $ putStrLn ("Cancel request registered, will exit at" ++
-- | Signal handler for graceful termination
hangleSigInt :: IORef Int -> IO ()
hangleSigInt cref = do
writeIORef cref 1
putStrLn ("Cancel request registered, will exit at" ++
" the end of the current job set...")
-- | Signal handler for immediate termination
hangleSigTerm :: IORef Int -> IO ()
hangleSigTerm cref = do
-- update the cref to 2, just for consistency
writeIORef cref 2
putStrLn "Double cancel request, exiting now..."
exitImmediately $ ExitFailure 2
runJobSet :: String -> Node.List -> Instance.List -> [JobSet] -> IO ()
runJobSet master fin_nl il cmd_jobs = do
cref <- newIORef 0
mapM_ (\sig -> installHandler sig (Catch (handleSig cref)) Nothing)
[softwareTermination, keyboardSignal]
mapM_ (\(hnd, sig) -> installHandler sig (Catch (hnd cref)) Nothing)
[(hangleSigTerm, softwareTermination), (hangleSigInt, keyboardSignal)]
execJobSet master fin_nl il cref cmd_jobs
-- | Main function.
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