Commit 47cce79a authored by Sebastian Gebhard's avatar Sebastian Gebhard Committed by Klaus Aehlig
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Further tests for LUNodeAdd

This patch adds tests for the remaining functionality of LUNodeAdd.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastian Gebhard <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent 55ba3ad6
...@@ -25,14 +25,22 @@ ...@@ -25,14 +25,22 @@
from collections import defaultdict from collections import defaultdict
from ganeti import compat
from ganeti import constants from ganeti import constants
from ganeti import objects from ganeti import objects
from ganeti import opcodes from ganeti import opcodes
from ganeti import errors
from testsupport import * from testsupport import *
import testutils import testutils
# pylint: disable=W0613
def _TcpPingFailSecondary(cfg, mock_fct, target, port, timeout=None,
live_port_needed=None, source=None):
# This will return True if target is in (primary range)
# and False if not.
return "192.0.2." in target
class TestLUNodeAdd(CmdlibTestCase): class TestLUNodeAdd(CmdlibTestCase):
def setUp(self): def setUp(self):
...@@ -131,5 +139,120 @@ class TestLUNodeAdd(CmdlibTestCase): ...@@ -131,5 +139,120 @@ class TestLUNodeAdd(CmdlibTestCase):
self.assertEqual(ndparams[constants.ND_OVS_LINK], self.assertEqual(ndparams[constants.ND_OVS_LINK],
created_node.ndparams.get(constants.ND_OVS_LINK, None)) created_node.ndparams.get(constants.ND_OVS_LINK, None))
def testReaddingMaster(self):
op = opcodes.OpNodeAdd(node_name=self.cfg.GetMasterNodeName(),
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Cannot readd the master node")
def testReaddNotVmCapableNode(self):
self.netutils_mod.GetHostname.return_value = \
HostnameMock(, self.node_readd.primary_ip)
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_readd, vm_capable=False)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Node .* being re-added with"
" vm_capable flag set to false, but it"
" already holds instances")
def testReaddAndPassNodeGroup(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_readd,group="groupname")
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Cannot pass a node group when a"
" node is being readded")
def testPrimaryIPv6(self):
self.master.secondary_ip = self.master.primary_ip
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add, primary_ip="2001:DB8::1",
def testInvalidSecondaryIP(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add, secondary_ip="333.444.555.777")
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Secondary IP .* needs to be a valid"
" IPv4 address")
def testNodeAlreadyInCluster(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_readd, readd=False)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Node %s is already in the"
" configuration" %
def testReaddNodeNotInConfiguration(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add, readd=True)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Node %s is not in the"
" configuration" %
def testPrimaryIpConflict(self):
# In LUNodeAdd, DNS will resolve the node name to an IP address, that is
# used to overwrite any given primary_ip value!
# Thus we need to mock this DNS resolver here!
self.netutils_mod.GetHostname.return_value = \
HostnameMock(, self.node_readd.primary_ip)
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "New node ip address.* conflict with"
" existing node")
def testSecondaryIpConflict(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add, secondary_ip=self.node_readd.secondary_ip)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "New node ip address.* conflict with"
" existing node")
def testReaddWithDifferentIP(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_readd, primary_ip="",
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Readded node doesn't have the same"
" IP address configuration as before")
def testNodeHasSecondaryIpButNotMaster(self):
self.master.secondary_ip = self.master.primary_ip
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(self.op_add, "The master has no"
" secondary ip but the new node has one")
def testMasterHasSecondaryIpButNotNode(self):
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add, secondary_ip=None)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "The master has a secondary ip but"
" the new node doesn't have one")
def testNodeNotReachableByPing(self):
self.netutils_mod.TcpPing.return_value = False
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Node not reachable by ping")
def testNodeNotReachableByPingOnSecondary(self):
self.netutils_mod.GetHostname.return_value = \
HostnameMock(, self.node_add.primary_ip)
self.netutils_mod.TcpPing.side_effect = \
compat.partial(_TcpPingFailSecondary, self.cfg, self.netutils_mod.TcpPing)
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpPrereqError(op, "Node secondary ip not reachable by"
" TCP based ping to node daemon port")
def testCantGetVersion(self):
self.mocked_dns_rpc.call_version.return_value = \
self.RpcResultsBuilder(use_node_names=True) \
.AddErrorNode(self.node_add) \
op = self.CopyOpCode(self.op_add)
self.ExecOpCodeExpectOpExecError(op, "Can't get version information from"
" node %s" %
if __name__ == "__main__": if __name__ == "__main__":
testutils.GanetiTestProgram() testutils.GanetiTestProgram()
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