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Update NEWS for 2.5

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......@@ -6,32 +6,125 @@ Version 2.5.0 beta1
Incompatible/important changes:
Incompatible/important changes and bugfixes
- The default of the ``/2/instances/[instance_name]/rename`` RAPI
resource's ``ip_check`` parameter changed from ``True`` to ``False``
to match the underlying LUXI interface
to match the underlying LUXI interface.
- The ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/evacuate`` RAPI resource was changed to use
body parameters, see :doc:`RAPI documentation <rapi>`. The server does
not maintain backwards-compatibility as the underlying operation
changed in an incompatible way. The RAPI client can talk to old
servers, but it needs to be told so as the return value changed.
- When creating file-based instances via RAPI, the ``file_driver``
parameter no longer defaults to ``loop`` and must be specified
- The deprecated "bridge" nic parameter is no longer supported. Use
"link" instead.
parameter no longer defaults to ``loop`` and must be specified.
- The deprecated ``bridge`` NIC parameter is no longer supported. Use
``link`` instead.
- Support for the undocumented and deprecated RAPI instance creation
request format version 0 has been dropped. Use version 1, supported
since Ganeti 2.1.3 and :doc:`documented <rapi>`, instead.
- Pyparsing 1.4.6 or above is required, see :doc:`installation
documentation <install>`
documentation <install>`.
- The "cluster-verify" hooks are now executed per group by the
OP_CLUSTER_VERIFY_GROUP opcode. This maintains the same behavior if
you just run "gnt-cluster verify", which generates one op per group.
``OP_CLUSTER_VERIFY_GROUP`` opcode. This maintains the same behavior
if you just run ``gnt-cluster verify``, which generates one opcode per
- The environment as passed to the OS scripts is cleared, and thus no
environment variables defined in the node daemon's environment will be
inherited by the scripts
inherited by the scripts.
- The :doc:`iallocator <iallocator>` mode ``multi-evacuate`` has been
- :doc:`New iallocator modes <design-multi-reloc>` have been added to
support operations involving multiple node groups.
- Offline nodes are ignored when failing over an instance.
New features
- The ganeti-htools project has been merged into the ganeti-core source
tree and will be built as part of Ganeti (see :doc:`install-quick`).
- Implemented support for :doc:`shared storage <design-shared-storage>`.
- Add support for disks larger than 2 TB in ``lvmstrap`` by supporting
GPT-style partition tables (requires `parted
- Added support for floppy drive and 2nd CD-ROM drive in KVM hypervisor.
- Allowed adding tags on instance creation.
- Export instance tags to hooks (``INSTANCE_TAGS``, see :doc:`hooks`)
- Allow instances to be started in a paused state, enabling the user to
see the complete console output on boot using the console.
- Added new hypervisor flag to control default reboot behaviour
- Added support for KVM keymaps (hypervisor parameter ``keymap``).
- Improved out-of-band management support:
- Added ``gnt-node health`` command reporting the health status of
- Added ``gnt-node power`` command to manage power status of nodes.
- Added command for emergency power-off (EPO), ``gnt-cluster epo``.
- Instance migration can fall back to failover if instance is not
- Filters can be used when listing nodes, instances, groups and locks;
see *ganeti(7)* manpage.
- Added post-execution status as variables to :doc:`hooks <hooks>`
- Instance tags are exported/imported together with the instance.
- When given an explicit job ID, ``gnt-job info`` will work for archived
- Jobs can define dependencies on other jobs (not yet supported via
RAPI or command line, but used by internal commands and usable via
- Lock monitor (``gnt-debug locks``) shows jobs waiting for
- Instance failover is now available as a RAPI resource
- ``gnt-instance info`` defaults to static information if primary node
is offline.
- Opcodes have a new ``comment`` attribute.
Node group improvements
- ``gnt-cluster verify`` has been modified to check groups separately,
thereby improving performance.
- Node group support has been added to ``gnt-cluster verify-disks``,
which now operates per node group.
- Watcher has been changed to work better with node groups.
- One process and state file per node group.
- Slow watcher in one group doesn't block other group's watcher.
- Added new command, ``gnt-group evacuate``, to move all instances in a
node group to other groups.
- Added ``gnt-instance change-group`` to move an instance to another
node group.
- ``gnt-cluster command`` and ``gnt-cluster copyfile`` now support
per-group operations.
- Node groups can be tagged.
- Some operations switch from an exclusive to a shared lock as soon as
- Instance's primary and secondary nodes' groups are now available as
query fields (````, ````, ````
and ````).
- Numerous updates to documentation and manpages.
- :doc:`RAPI <rapi>` documentation now has detailed parameter
- A lockset's internal lock is now also visible in lock monitor.
- Log messages from job queue workers now contain information about the
opcode they're processing.
- ``gnt-instance console`` no longer requires the instance lock.
- A short delay when waiting for job changes reduces the number of LUXI
requests significantly.
- DRBD metadata volumes are overwritten with zeros during disk creation.
Version 2.4.3
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