Commit 424ec11d authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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htools: lookup instance names in select/exclude

Currently we just match the passed name with fqdns. With this change we
do a proper search for either the fqdn or the initial name component, as
in Ganeti itself.
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent efe98965
......@@ -288,23 +288,23 @@ mergeData um extags selinsts exinsts cdata@(ClusterData _ nl il2 tags) =
in Container.add (Instance.idx inst) new_i im
) il2 um
allextags = extags ++ extractExTags tags
inst_names = map il
selinst_lkp = map (lookupName inst_names) selinsts
exinst_lkp = map (lookupName inst_names) exinsts
lkp_unknown = filter (not . goodLookupResult) (selinst_lkp ++ exinst_lkp)
selinst_names = map lrContent selinst_lkp
exinst_names = map lrContent exinst_lkp
il4 = (filterExTags allextags .
updateMovable selinsts exinsts) il3
updateMovable selinst_names exinst_names) il3
nl2 = foldl' fixNodes nl (Container.elems il4)
nl3 = (flip Node.buildPeers il4) nl2
node_names = map (Container.elems nl)
inst_names = map il
common_suffix = longestDomain (node_names ++ inst_names)
snl = (computeAlias common_suffix) nl3
sil = (computeAlias common_suffix) il4
all_inst_names = concatMap allNames $ Container.elems sil
in if not $ all (`elem` all_inst_names) exinsts
then Bad $ "Some of the excluded instances are unknown: " ++
show (exinsts \\ all_inst_names)
else if not $ all (`elem` all_inst_names) selinsts
then Bad $ "Some of the selected instances are unknown: " ++
show (selinsts \\ all_inst_names)
else Ok cdata { cdNodes = snl, cdInstances = sil }
in if' (null lkp_unknown)
(Ok cdata { cdNodes = snl, cdInstances = sil })
(Bad $ "Unknown instance(s): " ++ show(map lrContent lkp_unknown))
-- | Checks the cluster data for consistency.
checkData :: Node.List -> Instance.List
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