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Add NEWS file for 2.10.5

This version is to be released today. The major changes are
the modified htools allocation computation and the addition
of two new options to 'gnt-group evacuate'.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJose Lopes <>
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Version 2.10.5
*(Released Mon, 2 Jun 2014)*
- Two new options have been added to gnt-group evacuate.
The 'sequential' option forces all the evacuation steps to
be carried out sequentially, thus avoiding congestion on a
slow link between node groups. The 'force-failover' option
disallows migrations and forces failovers to be used instead.
In this way evacuation to a group with vastly differnet
hypervisor is possible.
- In tiered allocation, when looking for ways on how to shrink
an instance, the canoncial path is tried first, i.e., in each
step reduce on the resource most placements are blocked on. Only
if no smaller fitting instance can be found shrinking a single
resource till fit is tried.
- For finding the placement of an instance, the duplicate computations
in the computation of the various cluster scores are computed only
once. This significantly improves the performance of hspace for DRBD
on large clusters; for other clusters, a slight performance decrease
might occur. Moreover, due to the changed order, floating point
number inaccuracies accumulate differently, thus resulting in different
cluster scores. It has been verified that the effect of these different
roundings is less than 1e-12.
- network queries fixed with respect to instances
- relax too strict prerequisite in LUClusterSetParams for DRBD helpers
- VArious improvements to QA and build-time tests
Version 2.10.4
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