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Update NEWS for 2.8.3 release

List all the changes that happened between 2.8.2 and 2.8.3.
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Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
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Version 2.8.3
*(Released Thu, 12 Dec 2013)*
- Fixed Luxi daemon socket permissions after master-failover
- Improve IP version detection code directly checking for colons rather than
passing the family from the cluster object
- Fix NODE/NODE_RES locking in LUInstanceCreate by not acquiring NODE_RES locks
opportunistically anymore (Issue 622)
- Allow link local IPv6 gateways (Issue 624)
- Fix error printing (Issue 616)
- Fix a bug in InstanceSetParams concerning names: in case no name is passed in
disk modifications, keep the old one. If name=none then set disk name to
- Update build_chroot script to work with the latest hackage packages
- Add a packet number limit to "fping" in master-ip-setup (Issue 630)
- Fix evacuation out of drained node (Issue 615)
- Add default file_driver if missing (Issue 571)
- Fix job error message after unclean master shutdown (Issue 618)
- Lock group(s) when creating instances (Issue 621)
- SetDiskID() before accepting an instance (Issue 633)
- Allow the ext template disks to receive arbitrary parameters, both at creation
time and while being modified
- Xen handle domain shutdown (future proofing cherry-pick)
- Refactor reading live data in htools (future proofing cherry-pick)
Version 2.8.2
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