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Design doc for openvswitch support

This patch includes the design document for openvswitch support
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Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
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Support for Open vSwitch
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This is a design document detailing the implementation of support for
Open vSwitch in the Ganeti tool chain.
Current state and shortcomings
At the moment Ganeti's support for Open vSwitch is very basic and
limited to connecting instances to an existing vSwitch.
The shortcomings of this approach are:
1. The full functionality (VLANs, QoS and trunking) of Open vSwitch is not used.
2. Open vSwitch cannot be managed centrally.
Proposed changes
1. Implement functions into gnt-network to manage Open vSwitch through Ganeti gnt-network
should be able to create, modify and delete vSwitches. The resulting configuration shall
automatically be done on all members of the node group. Connecting Ethernet devices to
vSwitches should be managed through this interface as well.
2. Implement VLAN-capabilities: Instances shall have additional information for every NIC: VLAN-ID
and port type. These are used to determine their type of connection to Open vSwitch. This will
require modifying the methods for instance creation and modification
3. Implement NIC bonding: Functions to bond NICs for performance improvement, load-balancing and
failover should be added. It is preferable to have a configuration option to determine the
type of the trunk, as there are different types of trunks (LACP dynamic and static, different
failover and load-balancing mechanisms)
4. Set QoS level on per instance basis: Instances shall have an additional information: maximum
bandwidth and maximum burst. This helps to balance the bandwidth needs between the VMs and to
ensure fair sharing of the bandwidth.
Configuration changes
Instances shall be extended with configuration options for
- port type (access port, trunk, hybrid)
- maximum bandwidth
- maximum burst rate
New configuration objects need to be created for the Open vSwitch configuration.
All these configuration changes need to be made available on the whole node group.
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