Commit 319f51ae authored by Niklas Hambuechen's avatar Niklas Hambuechen

qa_filters: Use retry in more cases

Even starting a (delay 0.01) job without filters does not happen
within the 0.5 seconds we allowed if run in a big cluster.
Use retry here as well.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNiklas Hambuechen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <>
parent 94f2be5b
......@@ -87,6 +87,24 @@ def KillWaitJobs(job_ids):
AssertCommand(["gnt-job", "watch", str(jid)], fail=None)
def AssertStatusRetry(jid, status, interval=1.0, timeout=20.0):
"""Keeps polling the given job until a given status is reached.
@type jid: int
@param jid: job ID of the job to poll
@type status: string
@param status: status to wait for
@type interval: float
@param interval: polling interval in seconds
@type timeout: float
@param timeout: polling timeout in seconds
@raise retry:RetryTimeout: If the status was not reached within the timeout
retry_fn = lambda: qa_job_utils.RetryingUntilJobStatus(status, str(jid))
retry.Retry(retry_fn, interval, timeout)
def TestFilterList():
"""gnt-filter list"""
qa_utils.GenericQueryTest("gnt-filter", query.FILTER_FIELDS.keys(),
......@@ -292,18 +310,17 @@ def TestFilterAcceptPause():
time.sleep(0.5) # give some time to finish
time.sleep(0.5) # give some time to get queued
AssertEqual(GetJobStatus(jid1), "queued", msg="Job should be paused")
AssertEqual(GetJobStatus(jid2), "success", msg="Job should not be paused")
AssertStatusRetry(jid1, "queued") # job should be paused
AssertStatusRetry(jid2, "success") # job should not be paused
# Delete the filters.
AssertCommand(["gnt-filter", "delete", uuid1])
AssertCommand(["gnt-filter", "delete", uuid2])
# Now the second job should run through.
retry_fn = lambda: qa_job_utils.RetryingUntilJobStatus("success", str(jid1))
retry.Retry(retry_fn, 1.0, 20)
# Now the paused job should run through.
AssertStatusRetry(jid1, "success")
def TestFilterRateLimit():
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