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Describe more ganeti-noded options in the manpage

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...@@ -61,6 +61,27 @@ ...@@ -61,6 +61,27 @@
Debug-level message can be activated by giving the Debug-level message can be activated by giving the
<option>-d</option> option. <option>-d</option> option.
</para> </para>
Logging to syslog, rather than its own log file, can be enabled by
passing in the <option>--syslog</option> option.
The ganeti-noded daemon listens to port 1811 TCP, on all interfaces, by
default. This can be overridden by an entry in /etc/services or by
passing the <option>-p</option> option. The <option>-b</option> option
can be used to specify the address to bind to (defaults to
Ganeti noded communication is protected via SSL, with a key generated at
cluster init time. This can be disabled with the
<option>--no-ssl</option> option, or a different ssl key and certificate
can be specified using the <option>-K</option> and <option>-C</option>
<refsect2> <refsect2>
<title>ROLE</title> <title>ROLE</title>
<para> <para>
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