Commit 147f8131 authored by Apollon Oikonomopoulos's avatar Apollon Oikonomopoulos Committed by Jose A. Lopes
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daemon-util: do not restart failed systemd services

daemon-util's check-and-start function is only used by the watcher to
start failed services that should be running on the node. Systemd
supervises and restarts the services as needed; if a service is down, it
is so either because of an unrecoverable error, or because the
administrator manually stopped it. In any case, it should not be blindly
Signed-off-by: default avatarApollon Oikonomopoulos <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJose A. Lopes <>
parent 61f8b1f7
......@@ -331,6 +331,11 @@ check_and_start() {
local name="$1"
if ! check $name; then
if use_systemctl; then
echo "${name} supervised by systemd but not running, will not restart."
return 1
start $name
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